10 Enticing Fall Cocktails for Your Next Get-Together

Friends gathered around a buffet filled with food containing glasses of wine.
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Organizing a party for friends is fun, but it can also be stressful without a bartender. If you need to find the perfect fall cocktail for your next party, we have some suggestions.

These 10 adult drinks are fantastic treats to share with your friends. With so many holidays around the corner, you will have many special occasions to sip these fun refreshments.

Fall Sangria

A glass of sangria garnished with slices of lime and orange and a cinnamon stick.
Maven every day

Whether you are a wine lover or simply having a drink with friends, this sangria is a great way to bring the wine to a whole new level. We understand that some wine lovers would not dare to mix other ingredients with their fermented grapes. However, some people can not get enough of this sweet and refreshing drink.

You do not have to say goodbye to this classic BBQ for the summer, as the fall flavors of this version are extraordinary. The tangy flavors of apple, lemon and lime complement perfectly the spirits of cinnamon and cherry. You will want more of a drink.

Get the recipe: Maven every day

Spicy Moscow mule with apples

Two Moscow mules in copper cups, topped with Granny Smith apple slices and cinnamon sticks.
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If you have never tried a mullet from Montana, Moscow or the South, there is no better time than now. You can prepare this ginger cocktail in many ways, but the main ingredients are alcohol, ginger beer and lime juice.

In this recipe you will learn how to prepare a simple spicy syrup made from sugar, water, cinnamon sticks and cloves. The spices come to life and fit perfectly into a fresh and aromatic drink that you will enjoy.

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Pear cocktail with ginger

A glass full of ginger pear pressure sitting next to a pear.
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This is a fancy cocktail – and a tasty, too. The pear is in season at this time of year and is a good snack, so why not use it to create an adult drink? The flavors of pear and ginger, combined with fresh lemon and rosemary, create a daring cocktail that is both fresh and delicious.

If you feel bold, try this one.

Get the recipe: Boulder Locavore

Autumn margarita with cider

A glass full of margarita, garnished with a star anise and a sweet edge.
Nasty Spatula

Most people think that margaritas are a drink all summer, but we must disagree. If tequila is your poison, you may like this unique apple cider margarita.

You can enjoy this hot, rocky, or even frozen, if that's your thing. Although it's not your classic margarita with tangy mix, orange liqueur and triple sec, it's still a tasty treat.

Get the recipe: Nasty Spatula

Pumpkin pie

Martini with pumpkin pie with whipped cream and sweet edge.
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You did not think we would have forgotten pumpkins, is not it? It would be a crime with Halloween around the corner. The author of this recipe says that this adult drink tastes like a pumpkin pie. It has a creamy and smooth texture, and even those who are not fond of pumpkin pies seem to enjoy it.

So, if you have a costume party to come, it could be a success. Of course, try before your appointment, you will not be disappointed.

Get the recipe: No spoon needed

Apple caramel martini

Two apple and caramel martinis surrounded by apples.
Inspired by the charm

If you prefer vodka, you may like this caramel apple martini and fry the lips. This recipe stands out for many reasons. You will love the fact that you only need three ingredients to make this drink.

If you wish, you can dazzle your glass with a cinnamon stick topping and a cinnamon sugar edge. Apple cider, caramel vodka and butterscotch schnapps are a fantastic combination, but be careful, they are dangerously delicious!

Get the recipe: Inspired by the charm

Cocktail bourbon pear ginger

A glass filled with ginger-pear bourbon, garnished with ginger, sliced ​​pear and lemon.
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This is another combo of pear and ginger, but this time with a kick of bourbon! Celebrate the beginning of autumn with this refreshing fruity and ginger.

Pear nectar and honey, combined with tangy bourbon and ginger, make it another daring and delicious combination. Bourbon lovers will really enjoy sipping this treat in the fall.

Get the recipe: No spoon needed

Cocktail in the autumn sun

A martini glass filled with Sunshine Martini.
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Here is another delicious bourbon drink. This time, the recipe uses maple syrup and Grand Marnier to create an adult bourbon beverage.

Simply squeeze the clementine and lemon juice to get a delicious drink. Enjoy this one with your friends at your next party.

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Pumpkin Spice White Russian

A woman's hand and a human hand each holding a tumbler full of spicy Russian pumpkin cocktails.

White Russians prepare fantastic desserts, but who ever said that it was impossible to take a dessert before dinner? Or why not sip your last fancy dish all night?

If you want a festive version of this delicious treat, we have it! That's true; the author has created something unique with pumpkin pie spice, kahlua and pumpkin spice milk.

Get the recipe: Delish

Fall apple and gin cocktail

An apple-gin cocktail garnished with a stick of cinnamon and apple slices matches.
No spoon needed

We will finish with another cocktail of apples. All sweet and tart flavors combine to create this delight. Gin gives a tangy taste to remind you that winter is upon us.

So, if you need a drink to relieve you of Thanksgiving (especially if you are hosting an event), this may be the right choice.

Get the recipe: No spoon needed

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