10 Incredible Mason Jar Salads to Keep Your Lunches Lively

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Bringing a lunch does not have to be boring. Let us help you mix it! We've put together a list of ten mason jar salads that will protect you from the rut of lunch.

The trick to eat healthy at work is to bring the foods you want to eat. It sounds obvious, and yet many of us end up throwing our sodden brown bags in favor of low quality hamburgers in the cafeteria. We are bored day after day with the same combination of lettuce, tomato and vinaigrette. We just need something different to help us stay on track.

Salads in a mason jar are a great way to prevent the work lunch from being boring. With an endless list of ingredients and a transport boat, they are the perfect fuel to bring to the office. We have grouped our top 10 picks by category. So, whether you are a lettuce fan or a food lover, we have something that will make it easy to have lunch. Shall we take a look?

Our best choices

Chicken tacos salad layered in a jar with a fork on the sideThe seasoned mum

Chicken tacos salad

We already know that we like tacos salads. We love them even more in the form of jars. For more fun, add marinated jalapeños and tortilla strips!

Get the recipe: Taco Mason Jar Salads

Rainbow Salad

There are different variations on the Web, but they all rely on the same basic principles. Use all the colorful vegetables, add a ginger or citrus vinaigrette and add what you want as a source of protein. Gold stars awarded to those who manage all the colors of the rainbow.

Get the recipe: Salads in a rainbow mason pot

Greek Salad With Chickpeas And Chicken

Sour red onions, creamy feta cheese and grilled chicken make it a classic. There is nothing extreme or crazy about it, but we love this one for its simplicity in jar salads.

Get the recipe: Greek salad with chickpeas and chicken in a jar

Thai Crunchy Salad

This one is lighter on lettuce, heavier on raw and crispy vegetables. The recipe calls for chopped chives, but if you do not have chives, coriander is also effective. Just do not skip the chopped peanuts!

Get the recipe: Thai Crunchy Salad

For the true gourmet

Delicious salad with arugula and watermelonSweet peas and saffron

Salad with arugula and watermelon

The arugula and watermelon are a classic accord. Peppery green works well with sweet summer fruit. What makes this one special is the addition of mint and almonds. All in all, it's an explosion of late-summer flavors you'll surely fall for.

Get the recipe: Mason Jar with watermelon, feta and arugula salad

Apple Chicken & Pecan Nuts

We love the pop of green grapes in this salad. For special treat, try candied pecans instead of chopped raw pecans.

Get the recipe: Chicken Salad, Apples And Pecans

Roasted cauliflower salad

Cooking vegetables gives a whole new depth to simple salads. This one is also favorable for plants and palaeos, so there is no excuse not to try it!

Get the recipe: Roasted cauliflower salad

For Hatuce Lettuce

These Asian noodle salad jars are a portable, colorful and healthy lunch that will get you through the work week delightfully. | foxeslovelemons.comLori Yates

Asian noodle salad

Loaded with colorful vegetables, but not a hint of greenery, it's a salad for all salad foes who still want a healthy lunch. It is made of soba noodles, traditionally gluten free (check your labels), and a sweet peanut dressing that we can not stop eating.

Get the recipe: Asian noodle salad

Israeli pasta salad

A pasta salad much more traditional than the one shown above, we like it for its simple vinaigrette and its choice of colorful fillings. For more protein, you can add shredded chicken or enjoy with falafel.

Get the recipe: Israeli pasta salad

Cucumber super quinoa salad

We do not find a lettuce leaf here, but we do not sacrifice health. With the number of superfoods in it, there is no way that you leave feeling uncomfortable.

Get the recipe: Cucumber super quinoa salad

Here; our top 10 choices for jarred salads. It's been two weeks of working lunches, in case you do not count. Try them all and see how we succeeded. At the very least, we can promise you not to get bored with your lunch!

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