10 Perfect Last-Minute Treats for a Halloween Party

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Do not be fooled by hours of treats. Whether you're looking for spooky treats or salty snacks, we have 10 things you can cook quickly. And they are all perfect for the Halloween party you forgot.

It may be Thursday night and you've just found a flyer in your son's backpack that says he has to take away thirty Halloween-themed treats on Friday. Or maybe you forgot that you told your neighbor that you would be in charge of the snacks at this year's neighborhood party.

Be that as it may, fall is a busy time of the year and there is no shame in running out of time for homemade candied apples or fresh pumpkin pies.

With so many easy to find candy ideas, you can create a scary culinary creation in less time than it takes to pack a mummy of toilet paper. We put together our 10 favorite ideas to prepare Halloween food in a hurry.

So, do not worry about the party you've forgotten. Stop stressing in front of the fifty canvases of marshmallow spiders that you intended to prepare. Instead, use our handy list to create simple and spooky snacks – quickly!

Scary sofas

Nothing starts a party like a good selection of appetizers. These take-out options will surely please adults and children and do not take more than 10 minutes.

Devil eggs with black olive spiders on top. Kelly, a side of candyPumpkin dip: Keep fries and salsa for the summer and make it a feast for French fries and dips. Ready in just five minutes, it's perfect for a last-minute meeting.

Get the recipe: Chic kitchen

Celery Snails and Caterpillars: These little guys are a hit with young ghouls and goblins, but we guarantee that older spirits will also benefit. They are content with celery and peanut butter, but we can not get enough of these pretty crawlies.

Get the recipe: The day of the woman

Demonic Spider Eggs: Devil eggs are a classic of the party tray. Add black olives and you'll have a worse nightmare for an arachnophobe.

Get the recipe: A sweet side

Sinful candy

Halloween is all about sweets. Brownies and pastries are fun, but we love these super fast ideas even better.

Pretzel and Hershey Kiss broom treats, and biscuit with Hershey Kiss witch hat treats.Fabulessly FrugalSpider Oreo Pops: You use store-bought cookies for this treat. So, it forms faster than a spider turns its web. They are very quick to do, but they will disappear even more quickly from the treatment table.

Get the recipe: Chelsea Messy Apron

Hats and witches brooms: This one is so easy that you probably do not even need the recipe. And who does not like pretzels and peanut butter cups?

Get the recipe: Fabulessly Frugal

Mummies of Donut Hole: Do not waste time baking donut holes, buy them! Then, toss them with melted white chocolate fillets to give these scary Egyptians a new twist.

Get the recipe: High heels and grills

Halloween owls: They are almost too cute to eat, but not quite. This fall candy is suitable for all fall-themed festivals and events, but is also perfect for Halloween. We do not know who they are looking for, but we have to admit that the question is a bit strange.

Get the recipe: Easy and Delicious

Brews and Bubbles

Everyone loves the friend who generously brings libations to the party. Trust us: punch, cider and hot chocolate are easy to prepare and always welcome in mashed monsters.

Apples peeled with faces, floating in a pot of cider.Martha Stewart ShowHot chocolate with scary slow cooker: So, yes, it takes two hours, but it's only five minutes of work. If you can, just take the slow cooker with you to the party. Plug it on the candy table, then boil your cauldron and let it boil until the dessert is ready.

Get the recipe: Curd cheese in paradise

Spooky Halloween Party Punch: With a little foresight, you can really "break" this punch. Freeze water in plastic gloves, then float frozen skeletal hands in this sweet, sparkling punch. Will someone have the courage to steal a sip?

Get the recipe: Simply happy

Reduced cider heads: Let Martha Stewart create the ultimate Halloween drink. Apple cider is suitable for the season, but when you add shrunken apple heads, it becomes downright scary!

Get the recipe: Martha Stewart

If you have forgotten a party or are too busy to devote a lot of time to making treats, try one of our 10 tasty, last-minute Halloween options. They are sure to please all monsters with puree or all the spirits at the meeting.

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