10 Side Jobs You Can Do While Your Kids Are in School

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Parents who stay at home often feel liberated when their children enter school. If you want to use this extra time to earn extra money, you are in luck! We have found 10 job opportunities that you can explore.

Once your children go to school, you suddenly have some free time to become a parent. That's when many parents start looking for work.

A full-time job means that you must also coordinate after-school care for your children. But a secondary job (or more) usually allows you more flexibility to manage your children's program.

Let's look at some common and accessible options.

School Jobs

If you can enter a local school, you are ready! The hours will likely be your child's school hours, especially if you work at his school.

If you are not qualified to teach, you may be able to work as a teaching assistant or administrative assistant. You can also drive a bus, join the cafeteria or the cleaning staff.

Some schools only need a bachelor's degree to be a substitute. This can lead to stable work in the district schools. And you can refuse days that do not work for you.

If you work at your children's school, you could also consider setting up an after-school care program that they can follow with you.


The best thing about being a freelancer is you are the boss. You can define your hours, decide how much work to accept and go on vacation whenever you want. You can even take it all summer while the kids are not going to school, if you want.

The disadvantage is that it takes a lot of effort to create business and that work can be sporadic. However, once you are on a good track and you arrive at regular "anchor" clients, it is an ideal way to reconcile work and school schedule.

There are many independent jobs. Think about your skills and go from there. Some options include writer, editor, proofreader, artist, graphic designer, data entry, photographer, and the list goes on.

It can be hard to get started, but once you have clips online, you're on the right track.

Sell ​​online

The online market is booming and you can take advantage of it in many ways from the comfort of your home. For example, you can resell clothes or other items from time to time, create a line of jewelry, knit funky hats, the sky is the limit here.

If you create your own goods, you can open your own Etsy shop.


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You do not have to be a teacher to teach English or to teach a particular course (online or in person). If you would like to teach locally, check with schools and school groups in your neighborhood and publish your areas of expertise. If you are a math genius or you know a foreign language, highlight it. .

The most popular online tutoring option is VIP Kid. However, they only need tutors at specific times. If this does not work with your schedule, be sure to consult with others tutoring work online.


If you have children, then (hopefully), you know how to deal with it, which is a skill! If you miss having children, you may want to become a nanny or open a home daycare.

You can also be assistant teachers or substitute teachers in a local kindergarten.

Test websites or take polls

A website tester clicks on the pages of a website and provides comments. You can also take online surveys make extra money.

These jobs do not pay a ton, but work usually takes about 15 minutes. It is therefore very easy to work between going back to school and a sports session.

Cleaner / Organizer

You can also probably find work if you offer a different service from the traditional household. For example, you can help people do the dishes, bend clothes, go shopping, shop, pack gifts or organize their home.

Most working families are overwhelmed by daily tasks, so you will be in great demand!

Fitness Instructor

If you like to stay in shape, why not get a fitness certificate? You can teach a lot of things, like cardio or Zumba. Most gyms offer day classes and it's really good to get paid for workouts!

Dog walker

If you like dogs, why not join an official dog site sitting? Or you can share your services on social media.

Think of all the calories you will burn while walking! In addition, you will have a lot of fresh air.

Temporary seasonal jobs

If you are good with numbers, you can help people prepare their tax returns. This type of work usually occurs between January 1 and April 15 of each year and can be part-time or full-time. Depending on the position, you may need previous tax experience or specific certifications. However, there are positions for which no experience is required, including data entry and administrative work.

If you want to go further, H & R Block and Jackson Hewitt offer tax preparation courses for those who do not have authentication. Taking a course does not guarantee you a job, but it increases your chances with companies that need experience. You can also go solo and offer these services yourself.

You do not have to limit yourself to one group. Why not take several to fill your week? You can give a fitness class in the morning and walk puppies after lunch.

Your day will be more exciting and interesting. Plus, all this extra money will definitely be useful!

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