14 of the Weirdest Things You Can Buy on Amazon

A person sitting on the floor next to a stack of Amazon boxes and opens one.Hadrian / Shutterstock

Amazon is the destination of choice for electronics, snacks, clothing and more. But there is a dark side of Amazon: an often unvisited area, where uranium, fire ants, wooden huts and UFO detectors are all delivered with free shipping .

We will take you to this area and you could even do some shopping. Here are 14 things you did not know you could buy on Amazon.

Unrefined uranium oxide

A piece of unrefined uranium oxide.Lifete

If you have not added unrefined uranium oxide in your wish list or your Amazon wedding list, then clearly, you have no idea what you are doing! It emits ionizing radiation and causes the cry of pain of the Geiger counters. And despite what someone else could tell you, this guy on Yahoo Answers says that you can own uranium without a license.

Unfortunately, Amazon does not sell enriched uranium or plutonium. But hey … maybe someday!

It's radioactive!

Lou-Wheeze, the flexible latex lung model

Lou-Wheeze, the flexible lung model. EDCO HEALTH

Believe it or not, Amazon can scare you. They sell a named cardboard cutout named, Lou Wheeze– a woman with a perfect lung and a miserable lung.

Why does Lou-Wheeze expose her lungs? In fact, it is an inanimate educational resource that you can use to teach your children (or yourself or your parents) what happens when you inhale smoke through a single nostril (you end up with a really rotten lung).

A wonderful educational tool

Two tubes of live red ants

Two live red ants tubes surrounded by 4 red ants. Nature Gift Store

Amazon sells a lot of live bugs including ladybugs, hissing cockroaches, crickets, and predatory mites. But these are boring, so we will focus on the red ants.

If you want, you can buy two tubes of live red ants from Amazon right now. Supposedly, you can use them to create a colony. We did not have the chance to check this information because the ants we ordered managed to escape from their tubes. We had to kill our ants before they could kill us.

Note: According to Amazon, you should order these ants only if the temperature in your area varies between 40 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Live bugs

An urn with a guitar on it

A rectangular wooden urn with an image of a Gretsch guitar hollow body on the front.NWA

You have probably never bought an Amazon's urn. Well guess what! Amazon sells ballot boxes and coffins, and some of them are pretty cool.

Our favorite Amazon urn is made by NWA (possibly affiliated with Ice Cube). It's our favorite because it has a Gretsch guitar with hollow body above. We think this should also be your favorite, because who does not like guitars?

An urn with a guitar on it

Unassembled parts of an unpainted wooden house

A fully assembled Eagle Point Allwood cabin. Allwood

Do not buy a big expensive house, build it yourself with a Allwood Cab Kit! These kits are very fun for you and the family. They are big, unpainted and not eligible for a two-day expedition. Of course, they are not as cheap as trailers, but they require a lot more effort!

Expect. What?

Build your own cabin

A giant inflatable gorilla of 96 inches

A giant inflatable gorilla.Jet Creations

Are you thinking of starting a car dealership? Well, luckily for you, Amazon sells giant inflatable gorillas! This hairy (but not really hairy) 96-inch beast will attract dozens of customers! His beautiful smile will inspire your employees to make record sales, while his frozen look will intimidate your rivals.

Yes, it's a giant gorilla

Fundies: Underwear for two (one size)

The box-bottom box depicts a man and a woman dressed in a single pair of underwear. Forum News

Did you know that Amazon sells double undergarment? This incredible underwear comes with four built-in leg holes, so you and a friend can cut down on laundry! And guess what else! It is available for free delivery.

Cut the laundry

A UFO detector that actually works

Images SI UFO detector.SI, Inc. Images

Have you ever wondered what is happening beyond the night sky? Well, there are almost certainly one or two extraterrestrials waiting for you to drop your guard. But if you catch that totally real UFO detector, you can protect yourself!

According to Images SI, Inc., this UFO detector warns you when "simultaneous magnetic and electromagnetic disturbances" occur. Of course, it is possible that this product is simply a ploy of the government to instill false hopes in your human brain, but it seems pretty scientific.

A UFO detector

A Windows phone

The Nokia Lumia 735 Windows Phone.Nokia

Curiously, Amazon sells something called a Nokia Lumia 735 "Windows phone". It seems to be an old cell phone or something of the sort. Our research shows that this "phone" was created at some point in 2014.

A 2017 Amazon review states that this device is "better than iPhones".

"Better than iPhones"

The tacos train

The tacos train is full of hard-shell tacos, with chips and salsa in the caboose.FYVE

Hard-shell tacos are stupid. They do not know how to stand up straight and it's really frustrating. Fortunately, Amazon sells the tacos train. It's the only device that can keep your hard-shell tacos upright and keep your French fries and salsa in the caboose.

Although we would like someone to invent a taco rack that does not look like a messy cart coming from an abandoned mall, this will have to be done for the time being.

Roll the tacos train around your counter and impress all your friends!

He keeps your tacos standing

A 3D cockroach body pillow

Two cockroach cushions sitting on a futon in one picture and four stacked one on the other on the futon in the other picture.Ellelove

We live in a world where Amazon sells cockroach body pillows, and you should appreciate this fact. These super-cute 3D cockroach cushions are available in three sizes (13.8 inches, 21.6 inches or 29.5 inches) and are a perfect gift!

It's better than uranium.

Super cute!

Perspectives 2009-2014 for wooden toilet seats in Greater China

Outlook for 2009-2014 for wooden toilet seats in Greater China.Group of international icons

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, the economy is quite important. So, why not study the economics of wooden toilet seats in Greater China?

Perspectives 2009-2014 for wooden toilet seats in Greater China is a fascinating 142-page study on latent demand prospects for wooden toilet seats in China's many autonomous regions, municipalities and special administrative regions. It's a fascinating read, and you can get it with free shipping via Amazon Prime.

Economics are important

A giant marlin made of fiberglass

A gray and blue marlin fiberglass mounted on a wall.Mount This Fish Company

Do you remember those old, dusty fiberglass fish that once covered the walls of the local science museum? No? Well, now you can create new memories with your own giant marlin fiberglass. This beautiful behemoth is 58 inches long and will impress your friends. For a week or two.

Wow, Science!

A sexy pillowcase in a cage of Nicolas

Pillowcase with a Nicholas Cage shirtless shirt, reclining on leopard print sheets.Weitengs

Nothing like going home to the one you love. Replace this old pillowcase with this 20 x 30 inch pillowcase sexy Nicolas Cage. Made from a soft-touch "baby wool fabric", this pillow case is machine washable. And, according to the seller, it is "not easy to generate static electricity" with that, if that worries you.

Sexy Cage Pillowcase

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