15 LEGO Sets Perfect for Office Decor

LEGO New York City Skyline ArchitectureLEGO

What you put in your office says a lot about you. It shows what interests you and excites you the most. And, with such a variety of sets and themes, LEGO is the perfect brand to decorate your office. LEGO is one of the best sources for models of vehicles, buildings, and characters, whether realistic or fictional.

When it comes to selecting sets for this list, we’ve mainly tried to focus on the LEGO sets that look great above all else, and the ones that are fairly compact and budget conscious. In addition, we tried not to select any set that was too flashy, because these versions should only be an accent for your desktop, not the main design.

LEGO-ified Classic: LEGO ideas are shipped in a bottle (962 pieces)

LEGO ideas are shipped in a bottleLEGO

The bottled vessel is a fairly classic piece of office decoration, and this nautical construction goes even further with a detailed display including a compass, two tiny globes and even a nameplate. The ship itself looks pretty good considering the size restriction, and the “water” inside the battle is a great touch.

We do want to warn you, however, that the finished build might be a bit larger than you’d expect, measuring 5 inches high and 12 inches long.

LEGO-ified Classic

Prehistoric displays: LEGO Ideas dinosaur fossils (910 pieces)

LEGO Ideas Dinosaur FossilsLEGO

I think we can all agree that dinosaurs are pretty cool, and by extension, fossils too. And, while it’s not financially possible to own a real T-Rex fossil for your office, this LEGO one should be enough. This set actually includes enough parts for three different dinosaur skeletons: the T-Rex, Triceratops and Pteranodon. They all look great, and the little things included in the set (like the dinosaur egg and the paleontologist minifig) are fun additions.

Prehistoric screens

Mini Skylines: LEGO Architecture Skyline Series (Varies)

LEGO Architecture Skyline SeriesLEGO

Unique architecture and monuments draw cities around the world, and LEGO set out to capture many of these iconic cities with its Architecture Skyline series. Each of them presents some emblematic buildings and other monuments of each respective city.

The buildings are recognizable, and the overall constructions have many small details that make them feel complete. However, you should know before purchasing, that these are quite large, some exceeding 12 inches tall, so we recommend that you check the measurements before purchasing.

LEGO currently offers skyline sets of New York City (598 pieces), Shanghai (597 pieces), Paris (649 pieces), Dubai (740 pieces), Tokyo (547), San Franciso (565), Las Vegas (501 pieces), and London (468 pieces), all prices range from $ 39.99 to $ 59.99.

Brick office organization: LEGO DOTS pineapple pencil holder (351 pieces) and animal photo holder (423 pieces)

LEGO DOTS pineapple pencil holder and animal photo holderLEGO

DOTS is a brand new theme that LEGO has just launched, all about customizable constructions specially designed for decorating the room. While some may label the versions as childish, we prefer to call them “fun”. These two sets allow you to create common office organizational elements and then customize them with the set of additional bricks included. You can do whatever you want with that, which is a fun element of creative expression.

The pencil holder is fairly standard when constructed, but it comes with a small container for items like paper clips. And, the picture holder set comes with three stands based on different animals, and each stand also has a small storage compartment.

Since DOTS is a fairly new theme, you cannot currently find Pineapple pencil holder ($ 19.99) and Animal photo holder ($ 14.99) sure LEGO website.

Brick animation classic: LEGO Disney Steamboat Willie

LEGO Ideas Steamboat WillieLEGO

It is without a doubt one of the most visually striking sets LEGO has ever released. Based on the classic Disney Steamboat Willie animation, this monochrome construction is simply brilliant. The details are perfect, the color scheme is eye-catching and the minifigs are just perfect. If you’re an animation fan, or just want a chic LEGO set, this is a fantastic option.

Brick animated classic

For car lovers: LEGO Speed ​​Champions 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo (180 pieces) and Ferrari F8 Tributo (275 pieces)

LEGO Speed ​​Champions 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo and Ferrari F8 TributoLEGO

Model cars are cool and all, but wouldn’t they be better if this car was made of bricks? Fortunately for you, LEGO has the answer. The Speed ​​Champions theme is full to the brim with cool cars. We have chosen to present Porsche 911 Turbo ($ 14.99) and Ferrari F8 Tributo ($ 19.99) especially because, frankly, we just think they look the coolest. But there are also many other cars in this theme.

To name a few of our other favorites in the same price range of $ 15 to $ 20 as the Porsche and Ferrari, the Nissan GT-R NISMO (298 pieces), McLaren Senna (219 pieces), and Audi Sport quarttro S1 1985 (250 pieces) are also great options.

For space enthusiasts: LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Shuttle Transport (341 Pieces)

LEGO Creator 3 in 1 Shuttle TransportLEGO

The LEGO 3-in-1 kits are pretty cool, offering a nice variety compared to other LEGO sets. And, the shuttle transport set is ideal for any space fan, as the shuttle itself is relatively precise given the size. The mini-satellite that sits inside is a great bonus.

The other two constructions – a helicopter transporter and a caravan – are not linked to space, but they are still large constructions.

For space enthusiasts

For Batman fans: LEGO DC Superheroes Batmobile: Pursuit of the Joker (342 Pieces)

Batmobile LEGO DC Superheroes: Joker PursuitLEGO

The Batmobile is such an iconic vehicle, and this economical package perfectly captures many of its most eye-catching details. Obviously, given the small size, some small details are missing, but it still seems the part. The Batman and Joker figures included are also great.

If you want to proudly display a complete and highly detailed Batmobile, LEGO also offers a much more expensive set based on the Batmobile 1989 (3306 pieces).

For Batman fans

For Overwatch fans: LEGO Overwatch D.Va/Reinhardt (455 pieces) and Wrecking Ball (227 pieces)

LEGO Overwatch D.Va / Reinhardt and Wrecking Ball setsLEGO

One of the biggest aspects of Overwatch is the characters, and thanks to a recent partnership with LEGO, you can now have brick versions on your shelf.

There have already been several Overwatch games, and we chose these two for their compact size and precision. Reinhardt and D.Va’s mechs are both amazing, and Wrecking Ball is just as wonderfully ridiculous in LEGO form as it is in the game. For any Overwatch and LEGO fan, these feel like must-haves.

the The set of demolition balls costs $ 19.99 and the The D.Va and Reinhardt set costs $ 39.99.

For Minecraft fans: LEGO Minecraft The Zombie Cave (241 pieces)

LEGO Minecraft Zombie CaveLEGO

If you want a piece of the world in blocks for your office, we recommend this LEGO Minecraft set especially for its compact design. This construction is small, but it is still well detailed and looks great from all angles. The set comes with a Steve, Zombie and Baby Zombie minifig, and even some brick bats for an extra life.

For Minecraft fans

For Star Wars fans: LEGO Star Wars Resistance A-Wing (269 pieces)

LEGO Star Wars Resistance A-WingLEGO

There are many LEGO Star Wars sets, and most of them make good decoration. But many of them are also large and expensive, so we chose the A-Wing for its nice balance between size and price, while remaining precise for movies. You also get the two minifigs shown above, which are good too.

If you want other budget-conscious Star Wars ships, the TIE Fighter Attack (77 pieces), Snowspeeder (91 pieces), and Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter (247 pieces) the sets all do a good job of balancing precision and size as well as for $ 19.99 each.

For Star Wars fans

And, for Star Wars fans ready to wait: LEGO Star Wars helmet series

LEGO Star Wars Helmet SeriesLEGO

So, although these haven’t come out yet, but they’re too cool not to mention it. These brick helmets from the distant galaxy are just incredible pieces of decoration. They look faithful to the movies while exuding that brick charm, and the included display stand is nice without distracting from the real helmets.

They should be released on April 19, 2020. They will publish a Boba Fett (625 pieces), Stormtrooper (647 pieces), and TIE Fighter Pilot helmet (724 pieces) all at $ 59.99.

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