18 Ways to Dress up Delicious Homemade Caramel Apples

delicious caramel apples coated with different fillingsArina P Habich / Shutterstock

Making home-made caramel apples is a great activity to which the whole family can participate. From the preparation of your apples to their caramel coating, each stage is filled with festivities.

Doing a basic caramel apple is funOf course, our favorite part is to beautify each apple with exciting ingredients. If you need some inspiration to choose the perfect toppings, we are here for you. Discover these 18 ways to dress up your homemade caramel apples.

Melted Chocolate Drizzle

Two caramel apples - one with white chocolate sprinkled on top and the other covered with colorful nuggets.Emilee Unterkoefler

Here is a simple way to prepare your apples. After cooling and slightly hardening, melt the chocolate and place it in a squeeze bottle. Sprinkle the melted chocolate apple and create a delicious snack.

Mini marshmallows

You can carefully place a handful of marshmallows on the caramel apple. You will get the best combination of crunchy and tart mixed with light and down.

S'mores Caramel Apple

Bonfires are always a fun activity in the fall and often involve cooking the emores on an open flame. If you prefer a caramel apple version, try this one. After dipping your apple in caramel, drizzle with melted chocolate and add a crushed graham cracker and mini marshmallows to create a honey-based treat.

Crushed chocolate bar

Place your chocolate bar in a plastic bag; then use a rolling pin to crush the bar. You can do this by rolling or tapping the rolling pin lightly on the chocolate bar. Sprinkle or dip your apple directly into the crushed candy.

Chopped nuts

This one is a classic for caramel apples. You can use peanuts, cashews, nuts or even pecans. Once your apple is covered with caramel, dip it in a bowl of chopped nuts and enjoy. For a sweet and savory touch, try dipping in salted nuts.

White chocolate spider web

A caramel apple topped with a white chocolate spider webEmilee Unterkoefler

If you are hopeful of a bit scary, create a white chocolate spider web. Melt the white chocolate in a microwaveable bowl and pour it into a squeeze bottle. Then carefully draw lines from the center of the apple, where the stick is. After drawing several vertical lines, connect them with a curved line as shown above.

Mini chocolate chips

Dip your fruit into a bowl of mini chocolate chips or sprinkle them all around. You can also choose to use shavings of peanut butter or any flavor of your choice.

Oreos crushed

People of all ages love Oreos. They taste good alone or are immersed in cold milk, so why not crush them and cover your apple? This biscuit-to-cream version of a caramel apple is simply delicious.

Chopped corn candies

Corn candy is a type of candy "love it or hate it". If you fall on the "like it" side, take a handful, chop it and sprinkle it on your caramel apple.


A rainbow-coated caramel appleEmilee Unterkoefler

Sprinkles are another classic way to decorate your caramel apple. Simply choose your favorite type (rainbow, Halloween color or chocolate) and immerse your apple in a bowl filled with nuggets. If you do not want as much, you can also scatter a few.

Reese Chopped Peanut Butter Cups

Peanut butter goes very well with apples, which is why Reese's is the ideal filling for this fruit. Cut a piece and place individual pieces around the bottom for a fancy call.

Sea salt sprinkled

Salted caramel is another favorite flavor of fans. Sprinkle some sea salt just above the caramel and make a bite.

Crushed pretzels

Crush pretzels and dive into an apple for another great salted caramel version. You will get crisp, crisp, salty and sweet foods in one bite.

Apple Caramel Mummy

A caramel apple sprinkled with white chocolate to look like a pretty mom.Emilee Unterkoefler

Melt the white chocolate in a microwaveable bowl and pour it gently into a squeeze bottle. Once your caramel apple has been soaked and cooled, place two tips of eyeballs side by side on the apple. Then pour white chocolate all around the apple until it looks like a mummy, but make sure the eyes are visible. This is a great for Halloween parties.

Fillet of peanut butter

You can also melt a little peanut butter and pour it on the apple. However, this one gets a little messy, so grab your towels and enjoy.

M & M's

Children especially love this fun and tasty decoration. Dip your apple in a bowl of M & M or sprinkle it over the apple and enjoy a sweet and crunchy snack. You can even give your kids a fun project by asking them to make smiles with M & M's.

Shaved coconut

The coconut gives a new taste to this sweet snack. You can be creative and soak half of the apple or coat the whole fruit.

Your favorite cereal

Whether you like fruit cakes or lucky charms, cereals are an excellent coating for these apples. Ask your kids to choose a fun, colorful cereal and smear your apple for a crisp and delicious bite.

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