Day: March 10, 2019

How to Share Things from OneDrive

If you have an Office 365 account (free or paid), then you have OneDrive, the cloud storage application from Microsoft. Cloud storage is great for sharing files with others. Let's see how it works in OneDrive. You can share OneDrive files from the OneDrive folder on your computer ("the client […]

Why Does Windows 10 Update So Much?

Microsoft says Windows 10 is a "service" and the company updates it frequently with security patches, bug fixes, and new features. Updates are usually done automatically in the background, so let's debug: here is what Windows installs and when. How often does Windows 10 check for updates? Windows 10 checks […]

How Are CPUs Actually Made?

photographs / Shutterstock The operation of the processors may seem magical, but it is the result of decades of intelligent engineering. As the transistors – constituent elements of any electronic chip – are reduced to microscopic scales, their mode of production becomes more and more complicated. Photolithography J. Robert Williams […]