Day: September 8, 2019

What’s New in Windows 10’s 20H1 Update, Arriving Spring 2020

Microsoft is already working on Windows 10 update 20H1. It is expected that it will be the 2003 version of Windows 10, scheduled for April 2020. It is much bigger than the next 19H2 update but still feels like a collection of useful improvements. This article is up to date […]


How to Use the chown Command on Linux

Fatmawati Achmad Zaenuri / The files and directories of Linux systems all belong to someone. You can change their owner with the chown command. We show you how. Each file belongs to a user and a group Linux is a multi-user system. The operating system allows multiple user accounts […]

How to Use Pipes on Linux

Fatmawati Achmad Zaenuri / Use Linux channels to choreograph how the command-line utilities work together. Simplify complex processes and increase your productivity by leveraging a collection of stand-alone commands and turning them into a committed team. We show you how. Pipes are everywhere Pipes are one of the most […]