Day: February 1, 2020

How to Set Up a Mac for Your Kids

mrmohock / Shutterstock Giving children access to a computer and the Internet is increasingly important, but the same is true for protecting them. Setting boundaries and fostering a healthy relationship with technology may seem difficult, but macOS has built-in parental controls that can help. Create your child’s user account Your […]

Is Your Antivirus Really Spying on You?

Valery Brozhinsky / Avast collects user browsing history and sells data to third parties, according to joint survey by PCMag and Motherboard. This is just the latest example of free antivirus data collection software. After all, this free antivirus has to make some money. Updated: January 30, 2020, Avast […]

How to Use the grep Command on Linux

Fatmawati Achmad Zaenuri / Shutterstock The Linux grep command is a string and pattern matching utility that displays matching lines from multiple files. It also works with channeled outlet from other commands. We show you how. The story behind grep The grep command is famous on Linux and Unix circles […]