3 Ways to Track the Books You’ve Read (Or Want to Read)

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If you are fed up with taking a book to the store or library and realize that you have already read it or that you own it, you are not alone. The good thing is that there are great ways to keep track of your books.

Knowing which books you read or already have can help you save money when you're at the bookstore or thrift shop. It can also save you time when you realize that you have already read this book. Here are three excellent resources.


Goodreads is a reading site belonging to Amazon. Among the many attributes of the site, it allows you to follow the books you have read. This will not tell you if this book is in your personal library or in your Kindle collection, but you will be able to check if it is something you have already read. In addition, you can check the books to see if it is a book you want to read again.

Goodreads is an excellent motivation to read, too. Each year, they launch a reading challenge in which you can choose the number of books you want to read, and the site tracks your readings as you enter them into the system.


LibraryThing is a social network similar to Goodreads. It is free to compile a list of the books you have in your personal library, but only 200 at most. If you own more than 200 pounds, you will have to pay for an account. It's pretty cheap; $ 10 a year or $ 25 for a lifetime account.

You can not only track physical books and ebooks, but you can also mark your books as "read but not possessed." Rank the stars so that you remember books you love enough to re-read or suggest to your friends.

Google Drive

LibraryThing and Goodreads are accessible via apps on your smartphone. However, if you already use Google Drive on your phone, you can create a fully customized list of your books in Google Docs or Google Sheets. The main benefit here is that you can create exactly the categories and features you want, without having to wait for a feature to be added to Goodreads or similar.

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