34 Low-Stress Ways to Spend More Time Outdoors Before Summer’s Over

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If you're browsing Instagram this summer, you'll probably see people running marathons, climbing mountains and surfing. All of these activities are great … but that's not the only thing you can do to have a great summer.

There are many ways to enjoy the sun without intense physical activity. Let's take a look at 34 ideas to pack in summer fun – without all the stress and sweat.

Summer beach activities with low stress

On the way to the beach? There is no need to surf or compete in a competitive volleyball game. The beach can be a place to relax to relax and enjoy the sun. If you prefer to stick to sand and not surf, try these activities.

Build a sand castle.
Shellfish hunting.
Dig for clams.
Read a book.
Mix a frisbee.
Go fishing.
Take a stroll along the waterfront.
Bike slowly along the sidewalk.
Wade in the gentle waves.
Work on your tan. (But do not forget your sunscreen!)
Make a bonfire and roast marshmallows.
Watch the sunset.

You do not have to be athletic to make the most of your time on the shore. No matter what you like, the beach has something for everyone.

Summer outdoor activities with little stress at home

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You do not have to travel by car in 50 states or travel to another continent to have a good time in the summer. In fact, you can have as much fun at home as on the road. Whether you stay at home to save money or simply because you do not want to clutter holiday traffic, these fun activities will entertain you without leaving your property.

Camp in your yard.
Catch the fireflies.
Feel the freshly cut grass.
Cook on your barbecue.
Dinner on the outside.
Draw in chalk in your driveway.
Get an ice cream when the truck passes in your neighborhood.
Make bubbles.

With the time you save by avoiding traffic, you can conquer all these activities in one weekend! How's it going for the summer bucket list?

Summer weekend activities with low stress

The long hours of sunshine often make weekends longer and more luxurious in summer. Enjoy the sun and free time to enjoy these activities.

Ride the roller coaster at a local theme park.
Stroll through a local farmers market.
Choose berries or peaches at a nearby farm.
Make lemonade from scratch and sell it on the corner.
Greet friends for a barbecue in the yard.
Play lawn games like a corn hole, a giant jenga or a balloon on the scale.
Choose wild flowers.

Seriously. What's better than a summer weekend?

Low-stress summer night activities

Artists have a reason to make so many love songs and movies about summer loves: something about the sun adds a sense of endless possibilities. Try these nighttime appointment activities to inspire your own summer love story.

Watch a movie at the drive-in.
Play mini golf.
Go observe the stars.
Hit a pier nearby and play games.
Bring a blanket and attend an outdoor concert.
Visit a local brewery or winery.
Go for a walk with the windows down.

What are you waiting for? Cue up "Summer Nights" and start your hot weather romance!

There is no need to be an elite athlete or an Instagram model to enjoy the summer. All you have to do is find some activities that you really like. So, what low-stress activities do you do this summer?

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