5 Awesome Airline Tracking Apps

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Flight delays and sudden changes in flight schedules can disrupt your vacation in a simple and unnecessary way. These apps can help you track your trip and plan upcoming events.

Screenshots of the FlightAware application showing flight times, local weather, maps and more.

Given the number of features and features, this application could be considered as a complete package. In addition to being free, FlightAware allows you to track the flight status and position of any commercial aircraft in the world and all private aircraft in the United States and Canada. You can search by flight number, city, route or airline and get all relevant flight information, including weather, gate and even GPS data, as shown on a NEXRAD radar overlay .

To stay informed of the latest flight news, you can choose to receive push notifications with instant alerts that can help you plan. The application also has a desktop version, and it is available in a variety of languages.

The flight tracker (iOS; Android)

The Flight Tracker app, displaying flight times and claim numbers of terminals, doors and luggage.

This flight tracking app provides details on the flight of your choice, including arrival and departure time, airline information, terminal cards and can alert you to any changes. brought to the original plans. Frequent travelers can synchronize their calendars with the app to track their upcoming flights, highlight frequent routes and add notes to them.

With a Premium Membership, you can also access seating maps, convenient widgets, and delete ads. The most important feature of The Flight Tracker is that it does not depend on data roaming to work, allowing you to check the current position of your flight in airplane mode.

Screen shots of the Flightradar24 app containing information on flights, planes, weather and boarding hours.

Aviation fanatics will love this app. Flightradar24 provides you with basic information on flight tracking by searching for the flight you are interested in or by tapping on the icon of a live radar map aircraft. Alternatively, you can even steer your aircraft to a flying plane to learn more, such as departure and arrival ports, speed and altitude.

Perhaps the most interesting feature is the Cockpit View option, which lets you see what the pilot sees in 3D. In addition, the application offers different membership plans that give you advanced details to satisfy your geek of the domestic aviation. You have access to flight history, real-time weather maps, aeronautical charts, and ocean tracks that highlight aircraft routes, air traffic control limits, and more.

Screenshots of the application in the Air Tracking application tracking show a flow of travel, luggage information, etc.

Having this app is the equivalent of hiring a virtual flying assistant. Not only does it keep you up-to-date with all the important information about your flight, but it also offers automatic registration for you and a second passenger. With the largest coverage in the world, including more than 1,000 airlines, 5,000 major airports and alliances, it allows you to manage your time at the airport in advance, to track your flight schedules. fidelity and store the history of your flights.

In addition, you can also find places to eat at your designated airport, get internet passwords, read TSA safety tips and get travel tips that other travelers like you share. The best part is that the app works offline and can notify you of any changes made to your next flight by SMS. Hard to ask for more than a free app.

Screenshots of the FlightStats application showing the status of flights, maps, information at a glance and weather updates.

This flight and flight tracking application does everything its name suggests, allowing you to monitor your trip and get a detailed description of all activities related to your flight. Search by flight number, route or airport and get information such as delay indexes, airport conditions, as well as arrival and departure times. You can also configure it to give you relevant alerts.

This application is also available on the deskand compatible with Apple Watch, allowing you to get information at a glance.

Knowing if you are going to face flight delays can help you plan, and getting relevant details about your flight can help those who are afraid to fly to better manage it. Apps are a simple and convenient way to track your trip and avoid stress.

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