5 Fun Halloween Treats Your Kids Can Make

a woman helps young children to make fun of Halloween treats
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If you have little budding chefs at home, we have five fun treats to try. From the festive Chex mix to the Oreo lollipops, your kids will have fun.

Halloween is an exciting party for many children and families. There is so much outdoor activity at this time of year, but sometimes the cold, rainy weather keeps you from staying indoors. If you find yourself in this dilemma and need an activity for your kids, check out these thoughtful recipe ideas.

Harvest Hash Chex Mix

Halloween Harvest Chex Mix, made from pretzels, chex, corn candies and reese.
A small project

If your family likes to nibble a few Chex mix handles, this recipe may be right for you. It's full of exciting ingredients and exquisite tastes. With pretzels, bugles, sweet corn and pieces of Reese, every bite offers a nice balance of sweet and savory.

If you have young children, what's great is that this recipe has many steps. You can ask them to pour the separate ingredients or mix everything for the sauce. If you have older children, they can melt the butter, measure and mix the entire Chex mixture.

This recipe involves an oven, so an adult must be present for this step. Once the Chex mixture has cooled, you will have a delicious snack on which children can eat.

Get the recipe: A small project

Fantomatic Cheese and Biscuits

Cheese and crackers made with cut slices of phantom cheese.
Peas and pencils

If you need an oven-free snack that kids can prepare entirely by themselves, this one is perfect. You will only need Halloween party cutters, sliced ​​cheese slices and crackers of your choice. The author also recommends cutting apple slices.

Your children will need to use the mini cookie cutters to cut the cheese and add them to the crackers. This is a great way to make sure your kids start to "cook" in the kitchen. The method is simple, but they can also learn about the cleansing aspect after the end of their snack.

Take this recipe to the next level by offering cold cut slices and other sliced ​​fruits to add to the mix of ghostly treats.

Get the recipe: Peas and pencils

Celery Snails and Caterpillars

Cute caterpillars and snails are made from grapes, celery stalks, blueberries, apples and other fruits and vegetables.
The day of the woman

This clever snack is a sure way to stimulate anyone's creativity. Because young children have no preconceived ideas about many things, they are excellent in originality and imagination. This is one of the many fascinating things about young minds.

This snack will allow them to use healthy fruits and vegetables to make caterpillars, snails and any other artistic creature they make up. Once their little masterpieces are finished, they can eat them.

Get the recipe: The day of the woman

Bagels Ghost Pizza

Pizza bagels with melted ghost cheese.

The kids love the pizza. These pizza bagels are therefore the perfect way to teach your children to prepare their own meals. With just four ingredients and a few steps, this recipe is very simple to assemble. This also involves an oven, and supervision and support may also be necessary.

You will need bagels, gravy, sliced ​​mozzarella cheese and black olives for the eyes. Your kids will learn how to cut out perfectly shaped ghosts using a cookie cutter to create adorable and edible artwork. Watch the video and learn how to make this sinister little pleasure.

Get the recipe: Delish

Oreo Monster Pops

Oreo soothers dipped in chocolate, with little faces of monsters.
The day of the woman

Here's another fun and oven-free snack that kids can prepare and will surely love. These Oreo pops are simply phantasmagoric and require only a few ingredients.

They will learn how to insert the lollipop sticks into the oreos, dip them in chocolate and, once cooled, create faces of fun and scary monsters. The best part, of course, is to reduce them once they are finished.

The next time your child invites a friend for a slumber party, offer this fun and creative activity. Your children will stay busy for a little while and you'll love hearing the bursts of laughter that resonate in your home.

Get the recipe: The day of the woman

It can be fun to involve your little ones in baking or cooking, but this activity also has many lessons. Not only will children learn how to prepare food, but they will also understand how to solve problems and be resourceful.

They will have an excellent opportunity to use their minds and invent new flavors – and of course, to clean themselves. So, if you need some child-friendly recipes, try these five methods and, of course, have a safe Halloween.

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