5 Trendy Workouts You Have to Try This Fall

A woman in a yoga pose standing in air by aerial yoga straps.Sport Photo / Shutterstock

If you've been more flexible with your training schedule this summer, it's time to take it back. If you're ready to try something new, here are five fashionable workouts you should try this fall!

Aerial Yoga

Yoga and hammocks; if it does not seem incredible to you, I do not know what's going on! Gravity-defying movements unpack your spine, improve your blood circulation and stimulate your lymphatic system to eliminate toxins from your body. Aerial yoga has rapidly gained popularity in recent years. At first, it was quite difficult to find a studio with silky threads hanging from the ceiling. But today, most people would be surprised if a yoga studio did not offer air jumping classes. You can even buy and install your own hammock!

If it sounds interesting, but you have never followed a single yoga class, do not worry! Even experienced practitioners and yoga teachers have no idea how to maneuver silk threads when they enter the hammock for the first time. It's fun, exciting, different, and you can safely return and fly. You will also discover new ways to twist, bend and lengthen your spine.

Try it, you could love it!

Trampoline Training

A group of female legs jumping on individual trampolines.Pavel1964 / Shutterstock

Do you remember when you were a child and jumping on a trampoline was one of your favorite things to do? Trampoline workouts are now a popular fitness trend. If you want to recreate the joy you felt when you were a kid, go for it!

In addition to being fun serotonin stimulants, trampoline workouts are a challenge for strengthening and conditioning the entire body. It turns on your cardiovascular system, makes your leg muscles work hard and activates your core, allowing you to keep your balance and keep on leaping. Whether it is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) sequence of 20 minutes or a 60 minute endurance session for the whole body, trampoline training can challenge you on many levels.

Celebrity trainer Simone From The Street swear by it.

"The rebound helps drain the lymphatic glands and strengthen your immune system," said De La Rue. "It protects your knees, hips and lower back, and you have to use your core to stabilize yourself so that you do not fall. It also challenges your coordination and skills. Over time, these benefits generate incredible health benefits, both for the body and for the mind. "

To quote the famous hip-hop band House of Pain, it's time to "Jump, Jump and Go Down."

Bungee Workout

Group of women doing an elastic workout in a studio.Coreo Fitness

Continuing the hopping trend, a Bungee Workout is a low-impact cardiovascular fitness program inspired by dance and circus. By using the resistance of an elastic cord, you will use muscles that you would never have seen, in a way that you did not think you could.

Super-fun and exciting, these sessions also help you tap into your inner child by tying the exercise with joy and happiness. Do you want to laugh until your stomach hurts while you train? Then, discover this great concept and discover new ways to move your body.

Gyrotonic method

Three women in a class of Gyrotonic.Gyrotonic method

Although the name sounds like a drink, Gyrotonic is a unique workout method focused on the health of the spine. It opens certain energy pathways and stimulates the nervous system to increase flexibility and mobility. It can help you improve your range of motion and achieve a new level of efficiency in muscle movement and use.

When you enter a studio with the Gyrotonic method, it looks like a medieval torture chamber. The equipment is designed to target specific areas of your body.

Juliu Horvath, who created Gyrotonic, was one of the principal dancers of the Romanian National Ballet Company and the Houston Ballet. After severely injuring his Achilles tendon, he wanted to create a system that would not only help him recover, but also gain strength and increase the efficiency of his movements.

He first called his Yoga method for dancers. He was very well received, so he decided to tweak it, then developed the Gyrotonic method. Widely recognized as a useful technique for wound recovery, the Gyrotonic method is now taught and directed by more than 13,000 trainers in 84 countries.

Mirror exercise exercise

    A woman doing a mirror workout in her living room.Mirror exercise

The most futuristic form of fitness you've ever seen is here, it's shaped like a mirror. Resembling a science fiction version of Alice in Wonderland, this revolutionary new workout experience completely transforms the way we perform home workout sessions. Gone are the days when you had to work in front of your TV with a fitness DVD.

In addition to pre-recorded courses, Mirror gives you the opportunity to live and work in real time with the entire community, all in the comfort of your own home.

You can also optimize your session according to your goals, your preferences, your functional capabilities and even your own biometric sensors (connected via Bluetooth).

And the best part of all this? When it is not lit, it's a real mirror! So, not only is it an extraordinary gym, but it's also a beautiful piece of interior design.

Discovering new ways to move your body and make your workout fun and unique will help you stay motivated. So, give yourself these fashionable workouts, wake up your inner child and have fun all through the process.

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