6 Stretches Everyone Should End Their Day With

Woman holding red relaxing in front of a windowKarla Tafra

After a long day of work, racing, jumping from one place to another, traffic jams and other daily activities, our body is tense, stiff and in desperate need of serious stretching.

Stretching improves our blood circulation, breaks down lactic acid accumulated in our muscles, improves our digestion and energy flow, activates our parasympathetic nervous system and contributes to overall recovery. It is especially recommended to perform specific movements before going to bed because they help us to relax and rest and digest. This, in turn, can make our sleep deeper, longer and of much better quality. Discover these six sections with which everyone should end his day!

Fold forward

Woman folding forward in front of a cement wallKarla Tafra

Stretching the lower back, hamstrings and calves helps to ease the tension and stiffness caused by sitting in our car and in the office all day long. Go slowly because it can be quite intense, and modify it by bending your knees if necessary.
Use inhale to lengthen the spine and expire to go a little deeper into the crease. After five breaths, let the upper body hang over your legs, let gravity act and passively stretch for another minute.

Sitting towards the front fold

Woman doing a front fold sitting on one leg on a pink yoga matKarla Tafra

Using this stretch to focus on one leg at a time allows us to tune our own imbalance. Each has one leg softer than the other and one hip more open than the other, and that's fine!

Breathing in the stretch and ensuring we maximize our time in this pose will help us relax the muscle fibers and increase blood flow. Take your time with each side, leaving at least five complete breathing cycles before changing positions.

Dog facing down

Woman doing a dog face yogaKarla Tafra

Although it may not seem obvious at first, the downward-facing dog is actually a reversal, and inversions are essential to relax and activate our parasympathetic nervous system. Before you go "all inclusive", you have to stretch the spine and prepare the neck for some extra inversions.

Use your palms and feet to move gently, stretching your hips and hamstrings. "Walk Your Dog" alternately by bending the knees, moves the hips to the left and right, goes high on the soles of the feet and lowers the heels towards the ground by tending the tendons of Achilles. Move as long as you want, but do not make it too short. A good thing is to put a good relaxing song and use half of it to play with this pose.

Shoulder support

Woman doing shoulders in the sunKarla Tafra

This is probably the best pose for you to relax and prepare for the land of dreams. It helps with water retention, bloating, digestion and blood circulation. Supporting the pelvis and letting it sit completely in your arms is the ultimate release of the lower back. Breathe in the stretch and relax your head and neck. Try to stay in this posture for at least a minute, if not a little longer.

Pose of the child

Woman doing the pose of the child on a pink carpetKarla Tafra

The pose of the child frees the hips, the sacrum and all the back, without any struggle or discomfort. By widening the knees a bit further, we can go further and let the top of our body fall between our hips.

Usually, being very stiff after all day, we adopt the child's posture with a fairly narrow hip width. As we breathe more and more deeply and relax more and more in stretching, we can feel our knees widen and our torso sinks. Extend your arms in front of you, making sure your shoulders stay clear of your ears. Move farther and farther with your fingers and feel your torso move away from your hips.

Twist lying

Woman lying on stretchKarla Tafra

It's a perfect stretch to do in bed just before you drift. Bring your knees against your chest and lie down one leg while squeezing the other. Slowly grab the knee and turn it to the side. Stay here or stretch your leg by stretching it completely. The final expression is to bend the bottom of the leg and grasp the foot. Be sure to use your breath to go deeper and twist more, but only to the extent that you feel well – do not go further if you feel pain or if your breathing becomes shallow. Slowly return to the center in the same manner as you took the pose, bring both knees against your chest to put it back in place before turning to the other side.

The twists are fantastic because they detox our thorns, rinsing them the day we had them and sending fresh blood, oxygen and energy into each of our cells, preparing us for rest and relaxation. full for the next day.

We live in a fast paced world where we always do something, go somewhere, sit too much, and we are not even aware of everything our body has to go through. Everything we do weighs heavily on our muscles, our skeletal system and our nerves. It is not surprising that so many of us suffer from chronic back pain, headaches and difficulty sleeping. By implementing these stretching routines before going to bed, we are able to reduce the hard impacts of the day a little on our body and recharge our batteries to start all over again the next day.

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