7 Great YouTube Channels to Learn Graphic Design from

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Each logo, advertisement or user interface (UI) that you have already seen has a graphic design. Graphic design is an important part of the digital world, and there is much to learn about it. If you want to enter this field, you will need advice, and there are some excellent YouTube channels that can offer this.

And, to be clear, here we cover the channels that focus on design, not on photo editing. These skills can easily be confused if you are new to either (and some programs may be part of both). But, as we said before, the design focuses on things like logos and the user interface, while photo editing is about enhancing and, well, editing photos. Although, if you are interested in photo editing, there are many channels to help you too.

Finally, let’s talk a bit about software. There are many options when it comes to design-oriented programs, and it’s not possible to find YouTube channels that cover them all. But most design programs have fairly similar user interfaces, so some basic information can be transferred between them (and of course, the principles of what makes a good logo are universal). If you need help deciding on a program, we can help you with that as well as.

So without further ado, let’s go.

Getting started: GCFLearnFree.org

GCFLearnFree.org is a general educational channel, but they have a large six parts series covering the basics of graphic designis exactly what every aspiring designer needs to get started. The series covers fundamentals, Branding, typography, Color, disposition, and general pictures. These videos will immerse you in the world of graphic design and teach you some of the basic terminologies you will need to know.

General advice: Will Paterson

Once you have learned the basics, you will begin to need more general knowledge to complement your skills. Luckily for you, Will Paterson posts three videos a week covering his personal story in graphic design, general topics, or give advice on Software and Equipment. No matter what platform or program you use, you will definitely get more than a few items from Will’s videos.

Specific Adobe effects: Yes, I’m a designer

Adobe Suite (mainly Illustrator) is a fairly common tool for graphic designers. So if you’ve decided to bite the bullet and jump on the Adobe train right out of the door, yes, I’m a designer can show you specific tips you can do to create great graphics. Whether you want to create custom brushes in Illustrator, create neon images in Photoshop, or just need a little planning advice‚ÄúThis chain covers you.

Adobe Suite Guides: Satori Graphics

This is another channel to help you with Adobe software. You will find videos to help you navigate in Adobe Illustrator, covering specific tools, and review plugins. The videos go further in the design process than their titles would imply, also offering advice on things like branding and inspiration. And, although the channel mainly focuses on Adobe products, there are also videos for other programs like its recent video coverage. free design programs.

Ideal for Inkscape users: Nick logos

Inkscape is an excellent design program that is both free and open-source. While it’s free, it can easily match premium design software in functionality, which Logos by Nick chain perfectly displays.

Need an overview of the Last update? Want to create custom brushes? Or I just want to do it cool text? Nick covers all of this and much more – he even has a 15 minute long deep comparison of Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape. You can also find design tutorials for GIMP (another free open-source program, but more focused on photo editing) here.

Design in motion: TipTut

TipTut will open up a whole new world of design. Creating logos and static illustrations is one thing, but what about animated graphics and animation? These are valuable skills to possess, and Tiptut will help you find your way with many great tutorial series. Learn it animation basics in Adobe Animate, look at almost 4 hours introduction to motion design, or just watch her explanation of typography. If you are interested in this part of the design world, Tiptut is just a chain that you should check out.

Fun redesign: Kel Lauren

To complete our list, we wanted to end on a more relaxed channel. Kel Lauren may not be focusing on teaching you specific techniques or effects on her channel, but just having a good time redesign of logos Or other random design tasks. Even with this cooler vibe, you can still pick up a thing or two just by watching her work. The videos are on the longest side of things, but with good editing and humor, they are engaging, so just grab a snack, sit back and watch its redesign of Girl Scout cookie packaging.

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