7 Great YouTube Channels to Learn Video Editing From

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The world of video editing is vast and constantly evolving. Updating programs, different styles and effects fall out of favor and new tools are available. It can be overwhelming if you are brand new. Fortunately, many YouTubers have taken it upon yourself to help you learn this new world little by little.

But before we can talk about channels, we need to review the software. There are many video editing programs out there, and finding channels focused on creating tutorials for everyone is unrealistic. We tried to make sure the most popular programs were covered: Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, DaVinci Resolve Pro, Final Cut Pro X, and iMovie, but most of these channels have at least a little bit about small programs like Shotcut, Hitfilm Express, and VSDC as well as.

If you have no idea which program you are going to use, these options can still be overwhelming. While some of the channels described below offer great videos recommending software for newcomers, we recommend that you DaVinci Resolve Pro as a great option for beginners as it is free but still powerful enough to be worth investing time in learning.

With all that said and done, let’s meet your new teachers.

Beginner’s Guide Central: bai

If you are new to video editing, you will need to learn the basics and terminology before going any further. bay is an excellent channel for this, as it specializes in complete guides for beginners for various programs, including those for video editing.

It has videos for all the big players like Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve 16, Sony Vegas 17, and Final Cut Pro X. However, it also has videos for smaller programs like Shotcut, VSDC, Hitfilm Express 14, and Pinnacle Studio 23. With so many great guides and lots of tutorials on specific techniques and effects for different programs, bay is the first channel to check when learning video editing or when switching to a new program.

General Tips: Justin Brown – Primal Video

But what if you need help deciding which program to use in the first place, or if you have other general questions? In this case, Primal Video is the channel to consult. Primal Video is not intended to help you with specific programs, but rather makes videos on general video editing tips and tricks.

He has videos on Royalty free music, amateurs make common mistakes, and workflow tips to help you complete your projects successfullyr. It also makes videos with software recommendations to help get you started, whether you’re on a Windows PC, Mac, or even iOS and Android devices.

For the new video editor who has not yet made a decision, Primal Video is one of the best resources to consult.

Ideal for Premiere Pro users: Justin Odisho

Premiere Pro is one of the most advanced video editing programs on the market, and it is used professionally for everything from YouTube videos to the latest blockbuster movies. As you can imagine, there is a lot to learn and we believe Justin Odisho is the best channel to help you.

He has nearly 200 videos covering various effects and techniques you can create in Premiere, from simple blur at advanced color classification. He even has a whole series covering all prepackaged effects in Premiere (in progress) so you can learn how to get the most out of what Adobe offers you from the start.

Justin also offers guides for other Adobe products like After Effects, Photoshop, and Audition, all of which are programs you will likely use in tandem with Premiere Pro. Justin’s channel is just a great one-stop shop for speeding up your editing in Premiere Pro.

First bite tips: Adobe in a minute

There are few things more frustrating than a video tutorial that does not respect your time. We’ve avoided the strings that do it for this list, but Adobe in a minute has built its chain around this idea.

You rarely find a video on this channel that exceeds five minutes, and even if it is for a good reason. As the name probably suggests, Adobe in a Minute focuses on the entire Adobe product suite, but there is a good catalog of Premiere-focused videos. If you have questions about export or want to learn a new cool text effect, Adobe in a Minute is the best channel for seeking help.

Ideal for Sony Vegas users: JustAlexHalford

Since 2013, JustAlexHalford has been creating videos focused on Sony Vegas Pro on specific effects and general advice – and it still continues today, with more 450 tutorials to his credit. Alex’s tutorial series is especially interesting for people who have older versions of Sony Vegas, as it started with Sony Vegas Pro 12 and made videos for each version leading to the most recent version (at the time from editorial staff) Sony Vegas Pro 17.

No matter what effect or skill you are trying to learn, chances are Alex has it covered. It also has videos on installation and using presets for Sony Vegas Pro and general work flow tips to help you edit smarter and faster.

Ideal for DaVinci Resolve Pro users: Chris tutorials

A simple name for a simple string. Chris tutorials is proud of its relevant tutorials, a claim that is supported by its videos. Chris has created a ton of DaVinci Resolve tutorials, generally focused on achieving certain effects with the software.

From these tutorials, you will learn to recreate complex tricks ranging from 3D text single transitions. It also has a 15 minute guide for newcomers to DaVinci Resolve Prowhich is great for getting you started.

Ideal for iMovie users: Michael Kinney

iMovie is already designed to be as simple to use as possible. But that doesn’t mean there is nothing to learn. There are deeper elements in iMovie, this is what Michael Kinney aims to help you.

Michael will teach you to format vertical videos correctly, recreate professional zoom effects, And even has an entire video assess the merits of iMovie as a whole. It doesn’t have a ton of videos so far, but that should help you out a bit if you’re trying to get the most out of iMovie as possible.

It’s great that there are so many resources in the video editing world that help you improve your skills, while not costing you a dime (most of this software is already quite expensive). Obviously, there are many other channels on the platform that aim to help you with this stuff, but we think these seven should put you in a good place to start your video editing journey.

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