8 Things to Do the Summer Before College

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You have graduated from high school, have been accepted to university and may have even managed to have a little fun and earn a bit of money this summer. As the school year approaches, the time has come to finish the preparatory work.

The summer before the university is an important period. In addition to spending time with friends and family, there are a few practical things you will need to do before you go to school.

Here are eight things that everyone should do in the summer before college.

Clean your closet

As fall approaches, you will store your clothes in suitcases (or garbage bags) that you will drive to college. Before packing, clean your closet to remove items that do not fit. Give them to a goodwill or local shelter.

Packaging is easier when you look in a clean, organized cupboard. An organized closet will also allow you to easily see what clothes you will need to buy before leaving.

Friend your roommate

You do not need to become your best friend with your roommate in the summer before college (or even once you're in college). However, socializing your roommate can help ease the transition to cohabitation.

Once you are friends, send a few messages back and forth to get to know you a little bit. You can coordinate who brings what for the dorm room and engage in important discussions about lifestyle and expectations.

Polish your resume

Even if you do not plan to apply for a job or an internship upon your arrival at the university, your resume is ready and ready to go You can not hurt yourself if you find an opportunity that interests you. At least, improving your resume will teach you a necessary skill that you will use over and over again.

To go to the doctor

Some colleges and universities require that you consult a doctor to get vaccinated before you arrive on campus. Even if your college does not, you still need to make an appointment to see the doctor. Make sure you take your pictures and fill in all the prescriptions you will need for the next semester.

Shop for the essentials of the dormitory

You will need a lot of things to go to university, from the laundry basket to the computer. The purchase of the essentials of your dorm can be exhausting. To make the process easier and forget everything, make your purchases in stages.

Make a list of what you will need: lessons, your dormitory, your job, etc. Once your purchases are complete, keep them in a specific area of ​​your home so you can pack them efficiently when you need them. ready to go

Sign up for classes (save textbooks for later, though)

Many colleges and universities allow you to register for courses before you go to campus. The sooner you register, the more likely you are to participate in any desired course.

Most schools have a period of addition and withdrawal during the first few weeks of classes. During these weeks, you can add and delete courses to your schedule. It's a bit like shopping: you can attend classes and see if you like them. If you do, keep them in your schedule. If you do not do this (and you do not have to take this course to meet a requirement), you can always remove it from your course load.

Due to the time of addition and removal, you can register for classes earlier, but it is best not to buy your textbooks until you have solidified your schedule.

Set up your bank account

If you used a local bank account (or worked without a bank account), you will need to create a new account in the city where your college is located. In many places you can open a bank account with as little as $ 25. There may be a delay between opening your account and receiving necessary documents, such as your debit card or checkbook. Make sure you act well in advance to access your money when you need it.

Research your new home

Before going to college, research both the school itself and the city in which it is located. Make a list of the things you want to try and the sites you want to see. This research will help you feel more familiar with your new environment and lessen the homesickness of the country as you embark on this adventure.

These tasks will keep you busy (shopping in particular), but be sure to leave some time for fun in the summer before college. The memories you create with your high school friends and family can last a lifetime.

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