9 Weeknight Dinners (1 Dutch Oven Required)

a meal in a red enamelled Dutch oven
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We all want a homemade meal after a long day, but none of us want to scrub two pans and a pot after dinner. Let's drop the wash and talk about Dutch oven dinners.

The dishes at the pan are the favorites of all because, honestly, nobody likes to do the dishes. And if you read this and say to yourself, "Hmm, I like doing a good dishwashing session," we're not sure we can help you. You are however welcome in our stacks of dishes at all times.

For all the others, let's see some recipes that require a single Dutch oven and very little cleaning!

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Chicken and Dutch oven go hand in hand. There are plenty of recipes for roast whole chicken and fried delicacies. Unfortunately, none of these options give rise to a full meal at a jar because you always need side dishes. Of course, there are some great recipes that give you chicken, starch and lots of vegetables in one container.

Here are a few:

  • Risotto with mushrooms and chicken: Risotto is a classic choice for a Dutch oven. Fortunately, with just a few additions, you can make a complete meal. We are fond of this Mushroom and Chicken Risotto from Food and Wine.

Get the recipe: Mushroom and Chicken Risotto from FoodandWine.com

  • Chicken & Biscuit casserole: Biscuits and sauce in a saucepan: that's the essence of this great one-pot dinner. And if you are like us, you can not wait to try it.

Get the recipe: Chicken Casserole And Cookies Cozy From Feast And Farm

  • Chicken Pie: With the help of a small puff pastry, you can turn your dutch oven into a giant pie. This is the perfect meal for a family, without the hassle of forming individual pie crusts.

Get the recipe: Dutch Food Network Chicken Pie in a Dutch Oven

Hands without meat

A Dutch oven filled with nachos at the campfire.
Campfire nachos are a quick and easy Dutch oven meal that the whole family will enjoy. Grid charge

Creating a comforting and comforting dinner without meat can be a challenge, but that's what we're doing! Dutch ovens are perfect for creating rich, creamy vegetarian meals that will not let you wonder when the main course is coming.

Here are three of our favorites:

  • Nachos at the campfire (in a Dutch oven): You can bake them in the oven, but we love this new approach to outdoor cooking.

Get the recipe: Nachos at the campfire of Fresh Off The Grid

  • Vegetarian Thai curry: You will not miss the meat when you try this curry. It is full of delicious vegetables such as artichoke hearts and green beans. In addition, Maggie Zhu, who created the recipe, explains in a practical way how you can save even more time if you use frozen and pre-cut vegetables.

Get the recipe: Vegetarian Thai Curry from Omnivore Cookbook

  • Vegetarian Pho: Not only for carnivores! This vegetarian version gives you all the flavor, without the beef.

Get the recipe: Vegetarian Pho from theKitchn.com

Beef, Pork and Seafood

A bowl of red jambalaya.
Red Jambalaya with Creole. Vicky Wasik

Dutch ovens are known for braising short ribs, but that's not all. These creative dishes made of beef, pork and fish filled with fish will give the impression of a feast, without the bazaar.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Lasagna with ground beef: We're big fans of this one-pot lasagna because you can use cheap ground beef. We also like the amount of liberal cheese, but who would not?

Get the recipe: Ground beef lasagna from Yum's pinch

  • Red Jambalaya Creole Style: An amazing meal at a pot that can satisfy everyone. There is chicken, sausage and seafood in one Dutch oven. In addition, it's great leftovers!

Get the recipe: Creole-style jambalaya from Serious Eats

  • Dutch oven shrimp scampi: You know we had to include a pasta dish somewhere on our list. This one from Whitney Bond has been everywhere on the internet and for good reason. It's fast enough to start together, and it's sure to reach the goal!

Get the recipe: Dutch oven shrimp scampi from Whitney Bond

Whether it's a saucepan, a risotto, nachos or a baked pie, a Dutch oven casserole meal, it will certainly be the favorite of cooks and diners. It's comfort food at its best!

And the most comforting part is that there is only one pot to clean afterwards.

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