9 Work Tasks You Can Do Outside

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Working outdoors in good weather is always an advantage, and should be used whenever you can. Even if you work in a traditional office, there are a few tasks that are ideal for doing outside!

A little fresh air and a change of scenery can soften a difficult working day. Expenses part of your day outside can also make it less monotonous and can even reduce stress or boost your creativity.

Not sure what you can realistically do outside? Take a walk through our list below to see if any of the stuff you do in your stuffy office can be done outside in the sun.


Many meetings, in person or virtual, will be much more pleasant outside. Meeting a client at a picnic table, taking a phone meeting outside, or letting your Zoom background be a real park instead of just a photo can make this tedious task almost fun.

Of course, be sure to choose a location without much noise, so that your location does not disturb the meeting. Soon you will have a list of great outdoor meeting places that you can use whenever you get the chance.


Being outdoors in nature can provide a fairly reliable creativity boost. Whenever you are thinking about a new project or trying to find solutions for a difficult task, getting out may be just what you need.

Of course, you might not have time for a hike in the great outdoors. But even a short walk in a tree-lined neighborhood or bird watching in a city park can offer the same benefits. Taking a break from the wild could lead to the breakthrough you need.

Editing and revisions

When you have to do deeply focused work, you might be too distracted outside. (Although you can still try it, everyone works differently!) However, if you need to edit or revise a big project before sending it, going out can often work wonders.

The change of scenery can give you a new perspective and even allow you to look at your work with a new eye. While you may still want to make your final changes in a quieter environment, being outside can help you see the large-scale changes you should be making.

Presentation and planning

Like editing or revising, description and planning are good outdoor tasks. Because this type of work usually does not require as much concentration, distractions or a more relaxed atmosphere will not bother you.

In fact, the renewed creativity it could inspire could help you visualize and map your new project.

Cold calls and emails

A man leaning against an iron fence while talking on the phone.
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Sometimes work requires you to reach out to people you’ve never talked to before. You may be asking for sources for an article, job search, or sharing of promotional material with potential customers.

These tasks can be nerve-wracking. Whenever you contact new people by phone or email, you don’t know if their response will be positive. However, being in nature can help reduce stress and make this difficult task easier. It can also help with other difficult business communications, such as sending an email to your boss about an error.

Even if you don’t send the email or phone outside, consider taking a short walk first to help relieve stress before doing so.

Work on social networks

Even if you are not a social media manager, updates can be part of your job. Maybe you are planning Twitter posts for your employer. Or, you may be a freelance writer and need to refresh your LinkedIn profile. Any work on social networks is perfect for outside in the sun.

Good social media strategies require creativity and personality. Being outside will help you connect and create articles that get the right kind of feedback.


Whether you are looking for potential customers, consulting competitors, or looking for the latest software, there are many tasks that require research.

Going outside will make your online search a lot more enjoyable. In addition, research often takes a long time. If you’re going to be there for hours, why not get some fresh air while you’re there?

Administrative formalities and data entry

The blandest and most boring work tasks are the perfect type for doing outdoors. Of course, they will always be tedious, but at least being outside will make your environment more pleasant. Since most of the “paperwork” and data entry is now done digitally, you should easily be able to do it outside.

Of course, the tasks that require paper copies are not ideal for performing outdoors. A good gust of wind will disperse these pages (and your focus) in a few seconds.


Lunch is the most obvious work “task” to do outside, but still worth noting! Whether you have to work during your lunch break or not, eating out will make you feel more like a break.

Also, going outside for a meal will keep you from forgetting to eat.

It may be impossible (or desirable) not to end a day’s work outside. You will likely have tasks to do that require a more focused environment or equipment that you cannot take outside. However, in the digital age, you can do a surprising amount of outdoor work. So don’t let work keep you from enjoying the good weather!

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