A Pro LEGO Builder Just Recreated Hokusai's 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa'

Jumpei Mitsui

Certified Professional LEGO Builder Jumpei Mitsui Just Completed build a lego replica one of Japan’s most famous images: that of Hokusai The great wave off Kanagawa. And what’s even more impressive is that he went beyond recreating the 2D image and built an entire 3D landscape, with boats and everything.

Mitsui has always been interested in the iconic woodcut of Hokusai, and this project was something he thought to build for. many years. Since he was converting the painting to a 3D landscape, Mitsui wanted to make sure he could properly convey the physical dynamics of the waves, so he read a myriad of academic articles on giant wave formations and watched. hours of waves YouTube videos. Next, he created a sketch (as shown below), which he then used to build his final model.

Sketch of Jumpei Mitsui of his 3D replica of the painting
Jumpei Mitsui

Huge LEGO sculpture is on permanent display in Osaka Hankyu Brick Museum, which is dedicated to showcasing Mitsui’s work as he is the only certified professional LEGO builder in the country. He also has builds a LEGO replica of God of wind and god of thunder, an 18th century painting by artist Rinpa Ogata Korin.

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