Acrade1Up 'Big Buck Hunter' Arcade Machine Preorders Are Now Live

Big Buck Hunter arcade machine on white background.Arcade1Up

Yeeeeeeehaw, if you can’t go out and get guns and hunt, why don’t you bring the chase? Ok, that’s enough of that, let’s get serious. $ 550 from Arcade1Up Big Buck Hunter the aftershock cabinet is the company’s first entry into light shooter games and hopefully presents more to come. If you need it in your life, pre-orders open today.

If you don’t know Big Buck Hunter, you need to lead a sheltered life away from arcade centers like Dave & Buster’s. It’s a rail shooting game, but instead of shooting aliens, zombies, or Terminator machines, you shoot deer. But, like in real life, the goal is to get a gorgeous dollar and avoid any doe that gets in your way. Shoot a doe and the game is over.

A close up of the two weapons included with 'Big Buck Hunter'Arcade1Up

You can play with two players, choose from other animal options (moose and antelope), and the score depends on distance, size, etc. The Arcade1UP machine has two guns attached for multiplayer. He understands Big Buck Hunter Pro, Big Buck Safari, Big Buck Hunter Pro Open Season, and Big Buck Safari Outback, a riser and a design that resembles the original machine.

You can pre-order at Best Buy today, although the company has yet to announce a delivery date.

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