Add Hands-Free Alexa to Your Car With iOttie's Aivo Connect Dashboard Mount

A photo of the iOttie Aivo Connect smartphone holder in a car.iOttie

There is nothing more dangerous than playing with your GPS or watching Spotify while driving. Yet very few cars have effective or up-to-date voice commands. iOttie wants to solve the problem with his $ 90 Aivo Connect, a smartphone dashboard mount that doubles as a wireless charger and hands-free Alexa Auto system.

The Aivo Connect pairs with your car’s audio system via Bluetooth, effectively transforming your vehicle into a giant Echo smart speaker. You can use it to ask for directions, make calls, change your music, or control your smart home without pressing any buttons. And thanks to Alexa’s automatic mode, the Aivo Connect can turn your phone into a hands-free smart vehicle display with visible information, navigation instructions, and more.

But the Aivo Connect isn’t just an Echo speaker for your car; it’s also a dashboard mount for your smartphone and a 10 watt wireless charger. And unlike other smartphone car holders, the Aivo Connect benefits from an “Auto Sense mounting system” that automatically closes its arms when you place your phone in its holder.

The Aivo Connect is available on Amazon for $ 90 and works with Android and iOS devices. It is a good alternative to the built-in voice commands in your car, although it is much more expensive than other Alexa Auto systems like the Auto echo (which is on sale for $ 20 today) and the Anker Roav Viva. iOttie also plans to release an Alexa-enabled driving dashcam called Aivo view by 2021.

Add hands-free Alexa and wireless charging to your car

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