Adidas' FUTURECRAFT.STRUNG Running Shoe Prototype Blends Robotics with Art

Prototype Adidas Futurecraft running shoe.

Adidas has been working for years to revolutionize the performance of its athletic shoes and make the most of its materials. Now it’s new FUTURECRAFT.STRUNG The shoe has a data driven design which resulted in a lightweight and minimal shoe for short distance runners.

In recent years, Adidas has done anything but avoid creative approaches to shoe making. We saw his 4D midsole shoe, which focuses on 3D printing, with its Buckle shoe, made from 100% recyclable materials. And now this is the latest proof of concept model, ROPE, has an almost zero waste production process and a smarter, lighter and more responsive fit.

The upper part of the STRUNG is woven by a robot, using yarns of different colors and levels of flexibility to create a precise fit. Stronger red yarns are used around the heel, midfoot and toe area to provide support to prevent the foot from slipping, while the front uses a softer, more flexible yellow yarn. The shoe’s low-material design is based on an additive manufacturing process that results in virtually zero production, meaning it is built from the ground up with no excess fabric, stitching, glue or other added components. .

Close-up of the Adidas Futurecraft running shoe prototype.

Adidas’ new manufacturing process wraps these individual threads around the midsole in a way that creates support and resistance. without add unnecessary weight. In fact, the STRUNG prototype currently weighs just 7.7 ounces (220 grams). The shoe has a minimized heel designed to reduce weight and a specially designed rubber outsole so runners easily find better grip during fast runs.

The Strung is still only a prototype running shoe and is not yet available for purchase. Adidas seems to be considering creating a line of shoes aimed at different types of athletes, which will be specifically designed to support their feet exactly as their sport requires, and maybe we will see the first shoes ready for consumption in 2021.

Source: Adidas

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