Aire Is the Dystopian Domestic Security Drone Of Your Dreams

In secret, we like to dream anyway: all smart home businesses aspire to create a product straight out of a dystopian science fiction movie, but none of they did as well as Aevena with his drone Aire.

Regarding technology in general (but especially intelligent home technology), p people like to react as every new change or product is one of the four riders causing some kind of dystopia totalitarian where we all wear gray suits, eat porridge and live under constant surveillance.

This is a bit stupid of course, and as a veteran of technology, it is easy to laugh and come back to play with all new brilliant toys. But from time to time a new product arrives that makes you "Oh man." They were right. We will not lie; this was our immediate reaction to the crossing of the Aevena Aire security drone

"Why do we have Overlords, Dad?" (19459001) The Aire ($ 749 MSRP) is a sleek, compact drone with a cylindrical shape factor with concealed rotors, a bright ring and a video eye in the center and In the center. The premise of the product is that, instead of relying on a network of static security cameras in your home (which may or may not be pointed at the thing you want to check), the Area may pack into the air by self-launching (and landing) to examine anywhere in your home at your entire disposal.

On the one hand, this sounds pretty amazing. A personal security drone for your home! How would it be cool to check on your dog (assuming it would not pop and eat it) or your father getting dementia (assuming he would not destroy it with an old punch of boxing timey). If the thing was painted in silver with a friendly Wall-E face, we could just be sucked into the charm of it. But the current design of the dark body makes it look less like a cheerful helper and more like a Dalek. I mean, come on. Just look at this promotional photo, taken by the company itself.

"I can not believe that I survived three rounds of service to get down like that."

Does he really check out Daddy to see if he's okay, or is "It will start shouting" Extermine! Exterminate! "In fulfilling its mission of global domination?

The Area is not yet available – it is expected to be shipped in January 2018 – so to be fair we can not tell you if this will exterminate your elders. But if you are curious about whether it is in the cards and you are ready to play at gam-gam do not do it next Christmas, there are still available seats in the Kickstarter Aire for you . ]

Aside from all the jokes (and the fear of the dominant robots), we want the project to go well – any innovation in a developing market, even one that is Daleks, is a good innovation . ]

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