All Vehicles Compatible with Apple CarPlay as of March 2020

A CarPlay Infotainment dashboard in a car with the Apple logo out the window. Apple

Apple CarPlay is a handy feature that combines the functionality of your iPhone with your vehicle’s audio system and infotainment dashboard. It allows you to securely control music, navigation and messaging while driving.

To use CarPlay, you connect your iPhone to your car or motorcycle via a wired (usually Lightning-to-USB) or wireless connection. Your iPhone then resumes the touch screen interface on the dashboard of your vehicle.

From there, you can control which applications support the special CarPlay interface with keys, buttons, or buttons. You can also use voice command with Siri to perform other tasks.

If you know Android Auto from Google, you will be at home with CarPlay.

Which iPhones support CarPlay?

Before buying a car that supports CarPlay, make sure your iPhone also supports it. You can use CarPlay with all of the following iPhone models:

iPhone 11 / Pro / Pro Max
iPhone XS / XS Max
iPhone X / XR
iPhone 8 / Plus
iPhone 7 / Plus
iPhone 6s / Plus
iPhone 6 / Plus
iPhone SE
iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c

Future iPhone models should also support infotainment system mode.

Cars and motorcycles that support CarPlay

In general, CarPlay support started with 2016 vehicles. Until recently, only automobiles supported CarPlay, but now several motorcycle models do too.

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At March 2020, the following vehicles all support Apple CarPlay:


Abarth 595 2017-Up
Abarth 695 2017-Up


ILX 2019-Up
MDX 2018-Up
NSX 2017-Up
RDX 2019-Up
TLX 2018-Up

Alfa Romeo

Giulia 2018-Up
Stelvio 2018-Up

Aston Martin

DB9 Volante 2017
Fast 2017-18
V8 Vantage 2017
V12 Vantage 2017
Vanquish 2017-18


A3 2017-Up
A4 2017-Up
A5 2017-Up
A6 2017-Up
A7 2017-Up
e-tron 2019-Up
Q2 2017-Up
Q5 2018-Up
Q7 2017-Up
Q8 2019-Up
R8 2017-Up
TT 2017-Up


310 2018-Up
310W 2018-Up
510 2018-Up


Bentayga 2017-Up
Continental 2019-Up


Series 2 2017-Up
Series 3 2017-Up
Series 4 2017-Up
Series 5 2017-Up
Series 6 2017-Up
Series 7 2017-Up
i3 2018-Up
i8 2019-Up
X1 2018-Up
X2 2018-Up
X3 2017-Up
X4 2017-Up
X5 2017-Up
X6 2017-Up
Z4 2019-Up


BX3 2017-Up
BX4 2017-Up
BX5 2017-Up
BX6 2017-Up


2018-Up Enclave
Still 2017-Up
Envision 2017-Up
Excel 2016-17
Excelle GT 2018-Up
Excelle GT-MPV 2018-Up
GL6 2018-Up
LaCrosse 2016-Up
Regal 2016-Up
VELITE 6 2020-Up


ATS 2016-Up
ATS-V 2016-Up
CT4 2020-Up
CT5 2020-Up
CT6 2016-Up
CT6-V 2016-Up
CTS 2016-Up
CTS-V 2016-Up
ELR 2016
Climbing / ESV 2016-Up
XT4 2019-Up
XT5 2017-Up
XT6 2020-Up
XTS 2016-Up


Arrizo 5 2017-Up
Arrizo 7 2017-Up
Tiggo 2 2018-Up
Tiggo 3 2017-Up
Tiggo 3X 2017-Up
Tiggo 4 2018-Up
Tiggo 5X 2017-Up
Tiggo 8 2018-Up


Aveo 2017-Up
Blazer 2019-Up
Bolt EV 2017-Up
Camaro 2016-Up
2016-Up Camaro Convertible
Captiva 2020-Up
Rider 2016-17
Colorado 2016-Up
Corvette 2016-Up
2016-Up Convertible Corvette
Cruze 2016-Up
Equinox 2018-Up
Impala 2016-Up
Malibu 2016-Up
Monza 2019-Up
Prisma 2017-Up
S10 2017-Up
Voile LOVA 2016-Up
Silverado 2016-Up
Silverado HD 2016-Up
Sonic 2017-Up
Spark 2016-Up
Suburban 2016-Up
Tahoe 2016-Up
2017-Up Tracker
Trailblazer 2020-Up
Traverse 2018-Up
Trax 2017-Up
Volt 2016-Up


300 2017-Up
Pacifica 2018-Up


Aircross 2016-Up
Berlingo 2018-Up
Berlingo Multispace 2016-Up
C3 2016-Up
C3-AirCross 2017-Up
C3-XR 2017-Up
C4 2016-Up
C4 Cactus 2017-Up
C4 Picasso 2016-Up
C4-L 2017-Up
C4-Lounge 2017-Up
C4 Spacetourer 2017-Up
C5 2016-Up
C5 Aircross 2018-Up
C5 Break 2016-Up
C6 2016-Up
C-Elysée 2017-Up
C-Quatre 2017-Up
Jumper 2016-Up
Jumpy 2016-Up
Spacetourer 2016-Up

Cowin Auto



Challenger 2017-Up
Load 2017-Up
Durango 2018-Up


风行 50 2016-17
风行 F5 2017-Up
风行 F6 2017-Up
风行 F6 00 2017-Up
风行 M5 2017-Up
风行 M6 2017-Up
景 逸 S50 2016
风行 S50EV 2017
景 逸 S50EV 2017
风行 S500EV 2018-Up
风行 SX6 2017-Up
风行 SX7 2017
风行 V5 2017-Up
风行 V6 2017-Up
风行 X3 2018-Up
景 逸 X3 2018-Up
风行 X5 2016-Up
景 逸 X5 2016-Up
景 逸 X5L 2017
景 逸 X6 2016-Up
风行 X6 2017-Up
风行 X7 2017-Up
景 逸 X7 2017-Up
风行 X7L 2018-Up
景 逸 X7L 2018-Up
风行 X7S 2018-Up
景 逸 X7S 2018-Up

DS Automobiles

DS 3 2016-Up
DS 3 Cabrio 2016-Up
DS 3 Crossback 2016-Up
DS 4 2016-Up
DS 4S 2017-Up
DS 5 2016-Up
DS 5LS 2017-Up
DS 6 2017-Up
DS 7 Crossback 2018-Up


488 GTB 2016-Up
488 Spider 2016-Up
812 Superfast 2018-Up
California T 2016-17
F8 Tributo 2020-Up
F12 Berlinetta 2016-17
F12 tdf 2016
FF 2016
GTC4Lusso 2017-Up
Monza SP1 2019-Up
Monza SP2 2019-Up
Portofino 2018-Up
sf90 Stradale 2020-Up


500 2017-Up
500L 2017-Up
500X 2018-Up
Argo 2018-Up
Tipo 2017-Up


C-MAX 2017-Up
EcoSport 2018-Up
Edge 2017-Up
Escape 2017-Up
2017-Up Expedition
Explorer 2017-Up
F-150 2017-Up
Fiesta 2017-Up
Flex 2017-Up
Focus 2017-Up
Fusion 2017-Up
Mustang 2017-Up
Taurus 2017-Up
Transit 2017-Up
Transit Connect 2017-Up
Super Duty 2017-Up


G70 2019-Up
G80 2017-Up
G90 2019-Up


Acadia 2017-Up
Canyon 2016-Up
Sierra 2016-Up
Terrain 2018-Up
Yukon 2016-Up
Yukon XL 2016-Up


F5 2018-Up
F7 2017-Up
S5 2017-Up
S5 young 2017-Up
S7 2017-Up


H1 Blue-Brand 2017-Up
H2 Blue-Brand 2017-Up
H2 Red-Brand 2017-Up
H6 Blue-Brand 2017-Up
H6 Red-Brand 2017-Up


Acadia 2019-Up
Astra 2017-Up
Barina 2017-Up
Captiva 2016-Up
Colorado 2016-Up
Commodore 2018
Equinox 2018-Up
Badge 2016-18
Spark 2016-18
Trailblazer 2017-Up
Trax 2018-Up


2016-Up Agreement
Civic EX 2016-Up
CR-V 2017-Up
Fit 2018-Up
Gold Wing 2018-Up
HR-V 2019-Up
Insight 2019-Up
Odyssey 2018-Up
Passport 2019-Up
Pilot 2017-Up
Ridgeline 2017-Up


Accent 2019-Up
Azera 2015-18
Elantra 2017-Up
Elantra GT 2016-18
Genesis Sedan 2015-16
i10 2016-Up
i30 2016-Up
i40 2016-Up
Ioniq 2017-Up
Kona 2017-Up
Palisade 2020-Up
Santa Fe 2017-18
Santa Fe Sport 2017-Up
Santa Fe XL 2019-Up
Sonata 2015-Up
Tucson 2016-Up
Veloster 2016-Up


Q50 2020-Up
Q60 2020-Up
QX50 2020-Up
QX80 2020-Up


E-Pace 2019-Up
F-Pace 2019-Up
Type F 2019-Up
I-Pace 2019-Up
XE 2019-Up
XF 2019-Up
XJ 2019-Up


Compass 2017-Up
Gladiator 2020-Up
Grand Cherokee 2018-Up
Renegade 2018-Up
Wrangler 2018-Up


Cadenza 2017-Up
Strong 2017-Up
Forte Koup 2017-18
Strong5 2017-18
K900 2019-Up
Optima 2015-Up
Optima Hybrid 2015-Up
Optima Plug-In Hybrid 2017-Up
Niro 2017-Up
Niro Plug-In Hybrid 2018-Up
Sedona 2015-Up
Sorento 2017-Up
Soul 2014-Up
Soul EV 2015-Up
Sportage 2017-Up
Stinger 2018-Up
Telluride 2020-Up


Centenario 2017
Huracán 2019-Up
Urus 2019-Up

Land rover

Range Rover 2019-Up
Range Rover Discovery 2019-Up
Range Rover Discovery Sport 2019-Up
Range Rover Evoque 2019-Up
Range Rover Sport 2019-Up
Range Rover Velar 2019-Up


ES 2019-Up
LC 2019-Up
LS 2019-Up
NX 2019-Up
RC 2019-Up
RC F 2019-Up
RX 2020-Up
UX 2019-Up


迈威 2017-Up
轩 朗 2017-Up
X80 2017-Up


Aviator 2020-Up
Continental 2017-Up
Corsair 2020-Up
MKC 2017-Up
MKS 2017-18
MKT 2017-Up
MKX 2017-18
MKZ 2017-Up
Navigator 2017-Up
Nautilus 2018-Up


Ghibli 2017-Up
Levante 2017-Up
Quattroporte 2017-Up
GranCabrio 2018-Up
GranTurismo 2018-Up


CX-5 2019-Up
CX-8 2019-Up
CX-9 2019-Up
CX30 2020-Up
Mazda2 2020-Up
2019 Mazda3-Up
2018 Mazda6-Up


Class A from 2016
Class B 2016-Up
Class C 2019-Up
CLA Class 2016-Up
CLS Class 2016-Up
Class E 2017-Up
E-Class Cabriolet 2016-Up
E-Class Coupe from 2016
GLA Class 2016-Up
2018-Up GLC Class
GLE Class 2016-Up
GLS Class 2017-Up
2018 S-Class
SL-class from 2017


Ei5 2019-Up
GS 2017-Up
GT 2016
Hector 2019-Up
HS 2019-Up
MG 2019-Up
MG5 2016-Up
RX5 2017-Up
ZP 2017-Up
ZS 2017-Up
ZS EV 2019-Up


Clubman 2018-Up
Countryman 2018-Up
Hardtop 2 doors 2019-Up
Hardtop 4-door 2019-Up


ASX 2017-Up
Delica D: 2 2017-Up
Delica D: 2 Custom 2017-Up
Eclipse Cross 2018-Up
i-MiEV 2017
Mirage 2016-Up
Mirage G4 2016-Up
Outlander 2017-Up
Outlander PHEV 2017-Up
Pajero 2016-Up
Pajero Sport 2016-Up
Triton 2017-Up


Altima 2019-Up
GT-R 2018-Up
2018-Up Kicks
Sheet 2018-Up
Maxima 2017-Up
Micra 2017-Up
Murano 2017-Up
2020-Up Patrol
Qashqai 2019-Up
Rogue 2018-Up
Terrano 2019-Up
Titan 2019-Up


ADAM 2016-Up
Ampera-e 2017-Up
Astra 2016-Up
Combo Life 2018-Up
Corsa 2016-Up
Crossland X 2017-Up
Grandland 2018-Up
Badge 2016-Up
KARL 2016-Up
Mokka 2017-Up
Zafira 2017-Up


208 2016-Up
301 2017-Up
308 2017-Up
308 SW 2017-Up
308S 2016-Up
408 2016-Up
508 2017-Up
2008 2016-Up
3008 2016-Up
4008 2016-Up
5008 2017-Up
Expert 2016-Up
Rifter 2018-Up
Partner Tepee 2016-Up
Traveler 2016-Up


718 2017-Up
911 2017-Up
Cayenne 2017-Up
Macan 2017-Up
Panamera 2017-Up



1500 2018-Up
2500 2018-Up
3500 2018-Up
4500 2018-Up


Clio 2017-Up
Space 2017-Up
Fluence 2018-Up
Grand Scénic 2017-Up
Kadjar 2017-Up
Koleos 2018-Up
Mégane 2017-Up
Mégane Estate 2017-Up
Scenic 2017-Up
Talisman 2017-Up
Talisman Estate 2017-Up
Twingo 2018-Up


eRX5 2017-Up
i5 2019-Up
i6 2017-Up
RX3 2017-Up
RX5 2016-Up


Alhambra 2016-Up
Ateca 2017-Up
Ibiza 2016-Up
Leon 2016-Up
Toledo 2016-Up


Fabia 2016-Up
Octavia 2016-Up
Fast 2016-Up
Superb 2016-Up
Yeti 2016-Up


Rise 2019-Up
BRZ 2018-Up
Crosstrek 2018-Up
Forester 2019-Up
Impreza 2017-Up
Legacy 2018-Up
Outback 2018-Up
WRX 2019-Up
WRX STI 2019-Up


Baleno 2016-Up
Ciaz 2016-Up
Hustler 2016-Up
Ignis 2016-Up
Jimny 2018-Up
Rabbit 2016-Up
Solio 2016-Up
Solio Bandit 2016-Up
Spacia 2016-Up
Spacia Custom 2016-Up
SX4 S-CROSS 2016-Up
Vitara 2016-Up



4Runner 2020-Up
Avalon 2019-Up
Aygo 2018-Up
C-HR 2019-Up
Camry 2019-Up
Corolla 2020-Up
Corolla Hatchback 2019-Up
Highlander 2020-Up
Prius Prime 2020-Up
RAV4 2019-Up
Sequoia 2020-Up
Siena 2019-Up
Supra 2020-Up
Tacoma 2020-Up
Tundra 2020-Up
Yaris 2020-Up


ADAM 2016-Up
Ampera-e 2017-Up
Astra 2016-Up
Corsa 2016-Up
Crossland-x 2017-Up
Badge 2016-Up
Mokka 2017-Up
Viva 2016-Up
Zafira 2017-Up


Amarok 2016-Up
Arteon 2018-Up
Atlas 2017-Up
Beetle 2016-Up
Beetle Cabriolet 2016-Up
Bora 2018-Up
Caddy 2016-Up
California 2016-Up
Caravelle 2016-Up
CC 2016-18
Crafter 2017-Up
CrossFox 2017-Up
e-Golf 2016-Up
Fox 2016-Up
Gol 2017-Up
Golf 2016-Up
Golf Cabriolet 2016-Up
Golf R 2016-Up
Golf SportsVan 2016-Up
Golf SportWagen 2016-Up
Golf variant 2016-Up
GTI 2016-Up
Jetta 2016-Up
Lamando 2016-Up
Magotan 2018-Up
Multivan 2016-Up
Passat 2016-Up
Passat Variant 2016-Up
Polo 2016-Up
Sagitar 2018-Up
Saveiro 2017-Up
Scirocco 2016-Up
Sharan 2016-Up
Spacefox 2016
T-Roc 2018-Up
Tiguan 2016-Up
Touran 2016-Up
Transporter 2016-Up
Travel 2017-Up


S90 2017-Up
V60 2019-Up
V90 2017-Up
XC40 2019-Up
XC60 2018-Up
XC90 2016-Up

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