Amazon Fire Sale: Grab the Newest Fire HD Tablets for as Low as $60

Amazon is selling its new Fire HD tablets at their lowest prices, starting at just $ 60 for the fantastic Fire HD 8. Now is the time to upgrade your old Fire tablet and fall in love with Amazon devices again.

The new Fire HD tablets are all about speed. They have faster processors and more RAM than previous Fire HD tablets, so you can multitask or play your way. Amazon has finally made the switch to USB-C charging, which is much faster than the old microUSB standard, and the Fire tablet’s improved stereo speakers mean you don’t have to use a Bluetooth speaker while listening to music.

Let’s go. Here are Amazon’s discounted Fire HD tablets:

Fire HD 8 [$60 $90]: As I mentioned in my Fire HD 8 tablet review, well worth the full price of $ 90, so $ 60 is a steal.
Fire HD 8 Plus [$80 $110]: A more dynamic version of the Fire HD 8 with support for wireless charging. This upgrade is only worth it if you play a lot of games or like to switch to the resource-hungry Echo Show mode.
Fire HD 10 [$100 $150]: The Fire HD 10 is no faster than the HD 8, but its large screen is perfect for streaming videos or playing games. This is the best tablet in its price range, and the reduced price of $ 100 is just nuts.

Sales of Fire tablets come and go, but it’s rare to find one like this. If you’re in the market for a tablet or need an upgrade, you just need to take the plunge. This sale is too good to ignore.

Source: Amazon via Engadget

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