Amazon Introduces Accounts for Teens (Your Purchase History is Finally Safe)

For years there has been a blatant oversight in the Amazon ecosystem-a total lack of "training" for teenagers who were no longer small, but who were not not adults. Fortunately, there is a new account option for older children.

Historically, teenagers were trapped in a kind of limbo in the Amazonian ecosystem. Either your teens had to jostle you to buy things for them, or you simply had to let them log in to your account and make purchases (because neither the content filtering aspect nor the Household characteristics of Amazon Household applied to them).

This puts parents in the position of managing purchases or managing the consequences of giving direct access to their account (unapproved purchases, spoiled gift surprises, clumsy discoveries about what mom and dad are buying). ]

Fortunately, there is a brand new "Teen" account system built into Amazon Household for teens aged 13 to 17 and it works, regardless of whether the parent account is subscribed to Prime. We took the system for a test lap and we are happy to report that it is easy to set up and works fine.

Here's how it works. You access the home page of your Teen account or your Amazon Household dashboard and follow the instructions for adding an account

You control how they buy (do you have an expense limit instead, what is the credit card related to their purchases?) And where they can ship their purchases, say, addresses from friends or family that they wish to send gifts).

In turn, they use the Amazon mobile app to buy what they want. Whether you set it up to allow purchases without approval or approval, you always receive a notice every time your child buys something (and you get up to 30 minutes after receiving notice of it) purchase to cancel the order if you do not approve).

The system even has small practical extras as your child may include a note with the request they send you, such as "Hey mom, these are the new crampons I need for football" so that you have a context for the purchase. If you choose to decline a purchase, you may even include a return note explaining why, such as "these crampons are too expensive for our sports budget" or "a 27-pound three-pound gummi worm is a ridiculous purchase!"

Finally, your teenager has access to certain Prime benefits, if you have a Prime account, such as Free Delivery, Prime Video and Twitch Prime.

The only real complaint that we can file, is that, oddly, you can not use the teenager login on the Amazon web portal, but must use the mobile app. We are not even sure that this is really important (since most teens will use mobile devices instead of sitting on a PC), but it would be good if they could connect in the two senses

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