Announcing Review Geek: A Better Solution for Tech News and Reviews

People think of How-To Geek as a place that helps them understand how to do things, or how to understand technology, and sometimes that involves specific products or services. But as a general rule, people do not think about HTG in conjunction with new products or tech. So today, we welcome Review Geek for the family.

What is Geek Review?

When you think about what product you should buy, or what service you should use, you will go directly to Review Geek, or even google for "review geek ". Because we always help you choose the item that suits you best. We are on the same side. We are geeks, and we know the products.

We will cover the new techniques in a fun and different way. We will laugh with you at stupid products or give you direct dirt on how something works without the obvious bias of any corporate media. We are a small independent team that does not owe anything to anyone – and I say it literally, because unlike almost everyone, we have never invested in investment capital. We are not owned by billionaires demanding a profit.

We will cover the latest and most interesting technology news and we are here to talk about products – which products are the best, what happens in the pipeline, and if we think a product or service in even worth the time. Why bother buying something that will not solve your problem?

If you are a gadget that likes geeks, this is definitely the site for you. And if you do not, it is always the site you will read when you need to know the products.

Stop. Follow the time.

Time to wait. You should stop and follow us now. Do not read further. You will not regret it. Here are a few convenient buttons.

If you are looking for a way to follow us by e-mail, our daily articles will be listed in the How-To Geek newsletter

Even more things that make us great

Better yet, we will make sure that you do not have to browse huge swirling clouds of ads to read the latest gadgets. Like all websites on the Internet, our Amazon links (and others) will have an affiliate code, and we will make money if you like something enough for the 39 ;buy. Why are you attacking boring ads if we do not have to do it? Yes that is true. That is why you followed us.

In anticipation of the great things to come, here is a short list of the last articles that you will definitely want to read

We also have a cover of other things, and we will be thriving with tons of news, opinions and product reviews on social media and site. Stay tuned.

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