App Developers Can Offer Free or Discounted Subscriptions in iOS 14

An illustration of offer codes on iOS 14.

Apple will allow developers to offer reduced or free subscriptions in iOS 14, depending on updated App Store developer guide. Developers can distribute physical discount codes or distribute electronic offers to attract new subscribers.

The new App Store offer code feature is expected to give developers more control over discounted prices on iOS devices. It also encourages developers to push for App Store subscriptions, a profitable move for Apple. Subscribing to Netflix through the App Store guarantees Apple a reduction in your monthly fees, which Apple cannot do if you sign up for Netflix through the browser.

Either way, Apple says its offer codes are unique and alphanumeric. Electronic offer codes from emails or pop-up notifications can send you directly to the App Store, where you can redeem the offer, ignore it, or view the offer terms and conditions. Developers can also allow the code to be used in their apps, streamlining the process of discounts and other offers.

Customers can redeem these codes on the web, in the App Store, or directly within apps. Offer codes expire a maximum of six months after their creation date, and customers can redeem multiple offers for a single subscription based on an app developer’s offer code configurations.

Source: Apple via The edge

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