Apple Announces Its Plans to Reopen Retail Stores with Safety Restrictons

A sparsely populated Apple Store, with customers and employees wearing masks.Apple

Apple published a letter yesterday explaining his plan to reopen its 510 retail stores. The company is quick to say that it will not rule out closing the stores if necessary, and anyone wishing to enter an open Apple Store will have to wear a face covering.

On March 13, all Apple retail stores outside of Greater China closed due to the ongoing pandemic. Apple recently reopened one of its stores in the United States and 99 other stores around the world, but this new document details how the company will make decisions to open in the future.

As Apple’s retail chief Deidre O’Brien says:

Our commitment is to only reopen when we are convinced that we can safely return to the customers of our stores. We review all available data – including local cases, short and long-term trends, and advice from national and local health authorities. These are not decisions we rush into – and opening a store in no way means that we will not take the preventive measure to close it if local conditions warrant.

When a store reopens, it will have restrictions. Apple will limit occupancy to help with social distancing efforts. And to enter an Apple Store, you will need to wear a face covering. If you don’t bring one, Apple will provide it for you. The company will also insist on temperature checks and basic health tests (such as cough research and recent exposure risks).

Many stores offer a curbside pickup and drop-off to avoid having to enter the store. And of course, Apple quickly points out that you can order online and have products delivered to you.
According to 9to5Mac, Apple plans to open 25 stores in the United States, 12 stores in Canda and 10 stores in Italy in the coming week.

Source: Apple via 9to5Mac

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