Apple HBO Customers Score a Free HBO Max Subscription

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Last year WarnerMedia announced that existing HBO Now customers would have access to HBO Max free. WarnerMedia Now Expands Agreement To Include People Who Subscribe To HBO via Apple. People who subscribe to HBO through other services, such as Amazon Prime or Verizon, are not eligible for this offer.

For all those who need recycling, HBO Max is WarnerMedia’s response to Disney +. It’s a streaming service that contains most of the properties of WarnerMedia, from Game of Thrones to Loony Tunes. The service will also host some non-WarnerMedia titles, like Studio Ghibli’s full library, when it launches for $ 15 a month on May 27.

People who subscribe to HBO through their cable operator will not get free access to HBO Max. And to be clear, HBO GO is not the same as HBO Now. The HBO GO service comes with HBO cable subscriptions, while HBO Now is a stand-alone streaming service.

It should be mentioned that some AT&T and DIRECTV customers will have free access to HBO Max when it is launched on May 27. Here are the AT&T and DIRECTV plans supplied with HBO Max, according to AT&T website:

U0Verse U400 and U450 TV
AT&T Elite & Unlimited Wireless Plan

AT&T TV and AT&T U-Verse TV customers are also eligible for up to one free year of HBO Max. But for whatever reason, AT&T doesn’t mention this deal on its HBO Max landing page and doesn’t say exactly how long it will expand its offering to AT&T TV and U-Verse TV customers.

Customers who access HBO Max through their HBO Now or HBO Apple subscriptions will continue to pay their monthly service fees of $ 15. They will have access to HBO Now and HBO Max, which can offer different selections of shows and movies (WarnerMedia has not announced the full HBO Max library).

Source: AT&T via the deadline

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