Apple Now Has a New Weekly Fitness+ Series with Apple Music Playlists

Apple Fitness + app showing new goal setting workout videoApple

To help you with everyone’s New Years fitness resolutions, Apple has now added tons of new workouts to set goals on his Fitness service + subscription. Workouts are part of a brand new weekly series designed to help users stay motivated to exercise and stay on top of their workout schedule throughout the year.

At the top of the Fitness + homepage, users can watch the new intro video. In it, trainer Kim briefly covers the new features of the subscription service and then directs users to the Ring in the New Year Limited Edition activity challenge on their Apple Watch. Kim also selects two workout examples that feature motivations for setting goals, including a 10-minute HIIT workout and a 20-minute strength training that will help users earn the Ring in the New Year Challenge award.

In the video, Kim says, “Happy New Year! It’s Kim, and this is a new series to keep you up to date with your Fitness + workouts this week and keep you motivated. Make sure to come back every Monday for a new video. Whether you are new to absolute beginner workouts or have been in good shape for a while, everyone is welcome. Let’s start 2021 strong with a series of activities. To keep you in check, there’s a Ring in the New Year Limited Edition award on your Apple Watch. “

Apple just added a total of 24 new Fitness + workouts covering categories such as yoga, HIIT, dance, strength, treadmill, cycling, and core. Each of the Fitness + videos uses music from Apple Music and can be listened to even if you are not subscribed to the music streaming service. However, if you are paying for Apple Music, there is a new category in Browse called Fitness that has a section called “Apple Fitness + Studio Series” with all the music featured in those workouts.

Fitness + costs $ 9.99 per month or $ 79.99 per year (that’s just $ 6.67 per month) and covers up to six family members. The service is also included in the Apple One Premier Bundle, which costs $ 29.99 per month. This is a good deal for Apple users, as it also includes Apple TV +, Apple Music, Apple News +, Apple Arcade, and 2TB of iCloud storage.

via MacRumors

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