Apple Will Sell You Refurbished iPhone XR Models Now

A refurbished yellow iPhone XR

In its day, the iPhone XR was one of the best smartphones you could buy. But time is passing and new phones (and iPhones) are always on the way. Sometimes, however, this fact can work in your favor. Apple now sells refurbished iPhone XR models, and that means you can save a pretty penny on a great phone.

Refurbished models are available in multiple storage sizes and colors, and the amount of savings depends on the size of a hard drive you get. As is often the case, the more you spend, the more you save. But it’s not such a big difference that you choose to pay more to save more.

If you opt for the 64 GB model, you will pay $ 499, which will save you $ 100 compared to the current price for a new iPhone XR 64 GB. The 128 GB model can be yours for $ 539, or $ 110 less than the new version. You can get a 256 GB model for $ 629, which is interesting because you can’t currently buy a new 256 GB iPhone XR. Apple stopped manufacturing 256GB iPhone XR models in late 2019.

Your color choices are a little more limited than the new models, but it’s the price you pay to save a few dollars. Apple certifies that the refurbished models are good and even replace a new battery, so you don’t have to worry about doing it all day. Apple refurbished iPhones also come with a one-year warranty and new accessories.

The refurbished purchase is not a bad thing, especially when the original manufacturer certifies the device. So if you want an affordable iPhone, but don’t settle for glasses and TouchID found on the iPhone SE, here’s your chance to get a great phone for less.

via MacRumors

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