Apple Won't Let Epic Games Use "Sign in With Apple" Starting September 11

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Epic and Apple are fighting for the money, and the real losers are the players caught in the middle. This is all the more evident in Apple’s latest move, as Epic admits as of September 11, it can no longer offer “Sign in with Apple” as a secure way to access Epic accounts.

The game company announced the change today via Twitter, and put the blame only on Apple. If you’ve used “Sign in with Apple” for your Epic account before, you’ll need to make sure your email address and password are up to date. Because after September 11, “Sign in with Apple” will no longer work.

To work through this process, Epic has implemented a help page with all the necessary steps. Essentially you need to convert your Apple account to an Epic account, and you have to do that before September 11, so don’t wait.

The two companies are essentially fight for money; Epic doesn’t want to pay Apple’s 30% discount for in-app purchases. While Epic claims to be fighting on behalf of the smaller developers, the bigger truth is that a 30% cut is a big change for the gaming giant.

Epic attempted to circumvent the charges by add your own payment option without Apple’s permission, and for its efforts, was kicked from the Apple app store. While a judge barred Apple from hurt Unreal engine, Epic games remain out of store.

This latest move from Apple seems trivial, even though Apple has broken contracts. After all, Apple is positioning “Connect with Apple” as a security and privacy feature, “better than” similar offerings from Google and Facebook.

It doesn’t follow you in the same way as the last two, so the promise is true to some extent. But while security and privacy are so important to the business, it’s little shocking to see Apple forcibly remove this protection from users caught in the middle of the battle.

Source: Epic

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