Apple's New Gift Card Can Be Spent on Everything, Physical or Digital

Apple Store screenshot, Apple Gift CardApple

If you buy a gift for the Apple Fans in your life, you no longer have to choose between iTunes (for apps, music, movies, in-app purchases, subscription fees, etc.) or l ‘Apple Store (phones, computers, accessories). With the introduction of the new unified Apple gift card, now Apple will take your money for just about anything it sells.

Of course, this doesn’t completely eliminate the confusion, as Apple is now creating a real credit card (as in a real Goldman Sachs line of credit) called simply “Apple card. It is a gift card, like prepaid debit, redeemable online or at an Apple Store until the balance is emptied, and it can be reloaded through your Apple account at any time.

So I guess it’s a little less confusing. The new Apple Gift Card works on hardware purchases in the Apple Store (Mac, iPhone, iPad, accessories, etc.), in the App Store, iTunes, Apple Music, Arcade, TV +, Books, News + or Books. Oh, and if you have any unactivated iTunes or Apple Store cards, don’t worry – you can still use them without any issues.

Source: Apple Store via MacRumors

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