AT&T Customers Can Now Make Calls Through Alexa Speakers

An Amazon Echo speaker on a nightstand.Amazon

If you have an AT&T number and don’t like carrying your phone around the house, Alexa may have good news for you. Thanks to the mobile company Numbersync program, you can now use your Alexa speakers, like an Echo point, to make and receive phone calls from your AT&T number.

To get started with “AT&T Calling with Alexa”, you need to go to your Alexa app and find the Communication section under settings. There you can AT&T option and follow the onscreen prompts to connect your number.

Once you’ve got everything set up, you can make or answer calls from any Alexa speaker that you’ve connected to your account. When a call comes in, Alexa announces “Incoming call from John Smith” or the person you have in your contact books. You can also voice dial by saying “Alexa dial John Smith” or telling Alexa the number you want to dial.

Obviously, you might not always want your calls to go through your speakers so that you can control that as well. You can set up times when phone calls are sent only to your phone (so you don’t get 3 a.m. calls anywhere in the house), and you can tell Alexa “I’m leaving home” to turn off the phone. speaker connection. If you are working a 9-5 outside the home, you can create a routine to turn off speakerphone calls.

For now, this is an AT&T feature only and limited to US numbers (although you can call Mexico, Canada, and the UK. No word on when the feature will be available in more. operators or countries.
You may want to think twice before activating the service. All your calls will go through your speakers. These days, the scourge of robocalls makes this idea less desirable.

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