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How to Enable Bold Text on Your iPhone or iPad

Justin Duino Apple is proud of its different fonts. Sometimes, however, the default text size is difficult to read on iPhone and iPad screens. However, you can enable a bold font at the system level and make reading text easier. Here's how you do it. Enable bold text To begin, […]


Where Are iTunes Features in macOS Catalina?

Apple With macOS CatalinaiTunes is gone once and for all. Music, videos, and podcasts have new applications, and Finder now supports synchronization and device backups. Here's what you need to know in a post-iTunes world. iTunes is not completely gone, however, Apple will still provide the classic iTunes application for […]

The Best Ways to Secure Your SSH Server

Eny Setiyowati / Secure the SSH connection of your Linux system to protect your system and your data. System administrators and home users need to strengthen and secure computers connected to the Internet, but SSH can be complicated. Here are ten easy steps to take to protect your SSH […]