Awesome Space Sim 'Elite Dangerous' is Free on the Epic Games Store Right Now

elite dangerous screenshot Developments at the border

The Epic Games Store donated very good PC games for a few years now. The latest is Elite Dangerous, one of the best games ever to pilot a spaceship and do things. It is available for free until Thursday, November 26.

Elite Dangerous is the latest in a series of space simulation games that date back to 1984, when the procedurally generated universe of Elite was first created with wireframe 3D graphics. The latest game, launched in 2014, has an incredibly fleshed out world full of traders and pirates as well as a subtle alien threat.

This is far more of a simulation game than an action game: if you expect non-stop Rogue Squadron battles, you will be disappointed. Elite Dangerous focuses more on precise procedural exploration of the galaxy, obtaining all of the items as you haul cargo and investigate mysteries – oh, and sometimes detonate enemy ships. He has a lot in common with No Man’s Sky, although he’s much more realistic – if you can say that about a simulation of something that doesn’t exist.

Elite Dangerous is a free download in anticipation of its upcoming expansion, Odyssey, which will add exploration of the planet on foot and massive fleet carriers for multiplayer sessions. While it’s playable with a standard PC plus a mouse and keyboard or controller, the best way to play is with a stick-and-throttle and a VR headset. You can claim the base version of Elite Dangerous on the web or in the Windows version of the Epic Games Store.

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