Best USB Car Chargers

USB ports integrated in cars are notoriously powered (and for anyone with several gadgets and passengers, notoriously under abundant). Stop wasting time with the built-in ports of your car and start using these high-power aftermarket chargers.

The USB ports of most cars work very poorly as peripheral chargers (especially for high-demand devices like iPads and phones with fast charging capabilities). In the tests conducted by our sister site How-To Geek, the USB ports of several current-generation vehicles were unable to obtain enough juice to meet the specifications of the USB standard without even have the risk of quickly charging a phone. The old 12V cigarette lighter port in your car can however produce more than enough juice to charge multiple devices if you couple it with the correct charger

Keep this in mind by using the built – in USB port of your center console to do the work and snatch one of our recommended models to keep your devices fully charged and happy. We have selected the following chargers based on the following criteria and, if you decide to make your own comparison, we recommend that you do the same. Our selection criteria are:

Brand: : If it can cause a fire in the cabin of your vehicle, you want it to be well manufactured by a reputable manufacturer that tests products and meets safety standards .
High Intensity : ports 1.0A? What is this, 2008? New devices need high amps to charge quickly. 2.4A or bust.
Multiple ports : Do not settle for less than 2 ports. It is not even worth wasting the 12V socket or money on the device for a single port charger with plenty of multi – port options.

With this in mind, here are our best choices.

Best Overall Charger: Anker PowerDrive 2 ($ 10)

The Anker 24W USB Dual Car Charger is one of the most popular USB car chargers, and for very good reasons. For ten dollars you get a solid build of a reputable company with integrated warranties and a total charge of 2.4 A on both ports. You can find chargers looking similar for a few cheaper dollars, but the dollar for the dollar you can not beat it. There is a good reason that it sits at 4.5 stars on Amazon with over 8,000+ reviews- Buy it now .

Best low profile charger: AUKEY USB car charger double ($ 8)

When you need a car charger that fits in tight spaces, the AUKEY 24W Dual-Port car charger is ridiculously low. If low profile, in fact, there is a good chance that you can close the dust cover of your 12V port on top of it. Despite its small profile, it is nevertheless equipped with 2 ports 2.4 A full with a lot of power for your devices. Buy Now .

Best Fast Charger: Anker PowerDrive Speed ​​2 ($ 26)

"But wait" you say: "I have all these devices that support the fast charge and I want it in my car!" Enough, then you want the Anker PowerDrive Speed ​​2. It is built as well as its smaller brother but pulls down 39W instead of 24W and supports fast charge on both ports so you can crown your compatible devices in half the time. – Buy Now .

Best fast charger for iPhone: AUKEY Car charger with power supply ($ 13)

Why a separate input for a fast iPhone charger? The iPhone 7 (and later models) all support fast charging, but only if the fast charging is performed using a USB-C port using the standard USB-PD (Power Delivery). This AUKEY charger provides enough juice to quickly charge your iPhone but also quickly charge your Macbook if needed. Features two ports, one USB C and one USB A, to charge your Apple device and another device simultaneously. – Buy Now .

Best four-port charger: AUKEY Car charger with 4 USB ports ($ 15)

If you count your coins after spending all your money on several new shiny devices, this 4 port AUKEY charger is a perfect choice. Sporting 4 ports with a true 2.4A on every port, it will not charge your devices quickly, but it will pump a lot of juice (if you are looking for a 4-port fast charge solution with a USB-C, there always this model if you are willing to pay more). – Buy Now .

Readers with sharp eyes may wonder at this point: "Now, wait a minute, you have recommended five products with a bonus product in the 4-port category and they are all Anker and AUKEY! "That is true, and with good reason. Both companies manufacture high quality products at reasonable prices, with product testing and appropriate warranty policies.

You can always pay a little less and buy at a brand you have never heard of before (and the product might even look exactly like a more expensive product). But is it worth saving a few dollars when the less expensive mystery brand shortens fuses or otherwise fails you? When large products of reliable brands are so inexpensive, there is no reason to make savings.

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