Beyond the American Classic: 6 Unique Ways to Incorporate Mac and Cheese

fried macaroni and cheese balls on a cutting board with sauceBrent Hofacker / Shutterstock

You probably liked a canned mac shape as a kid and later, you enjoyed the pleasures of homemade macaroni and cheese. But have you ever tried on a pizza or in a barbecue sandwich?

It's a great accompaniment to many classic American dishes, but why not bring that famous traditional comfort dish to a higher level? Pasta with chili macaroni, we have something special for you.

Mac cheese balls

Some macaroni dumplings with cheese on a cookie sheetDamn Delicious

This trendy fried food is popular in restaurants and you can find it during most fall carnivals. So why not try it at home? Whether you have last night's cheese macaroni leftovers or an extra box of macaroon in your pantry, this recipe works.

Once your mac has cooled in the fridge for a few hours, you will notice that it becomes firm as the cheese cools. Using a biscuit spoon, you will make evenly sized meatballs, which you then dip in egg crumbs and Panko. After frying, you will get golden and fried crispy balls.

This makes it an ideal aperitif or party on the day of the match. You can not go wrong with fried foods, especially when they are appreciated by families, such as macaroni and cheese.

Get the recipe: Damn Delicious

Mac Attack (Cheeseburger)

Cheeseburger stuffed with macaroni cheeseFood Network, Courtesy of Paul Malvone

If you're hoping for something healthy, keep scrolling, as it's full of fat and delicious ingredients. However, if you are hoping for something that will make your taste buds dance, then this one is for you.

Homemade cheese macaroni mixed with a spicy sauce of your choice, shaped into patties and placed on burger patties. You can not forget the sliced ​​bacon, in case it does not seem attractive enough as is.

For a little more advice, watch the helpful tutorial video. Have a beer or a soda because you will surely need to wash it.

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Macaroni Sandwich with Grilled Cheese

A grilled sandwich (macaroni with cheese)Skip with sub

Here is another recipe that gives you the choice between home-made macaroni or hotplates. Whatever your choice, it is perfect for this delicious treat for lunch. The author also recommends doing this with a tomato soup for a perfect combo.

If you have ever made grilled cheese, you can also make this sandwich. Simply add cheese macaroni to your sandwich and watch your kids love every bite. In case you're wondering, you do not need to have children to do this one. This meal is also suitable for adults.

Get the recipe: Skip with sub

Mac-N-Cheese Pizza

A pizza macaroni with cheeseAll recipes

In case you have not noticed, we have a trend going on here. Each of these meals is one of the stereotypical foods that most kids love to eat. So why not combine classic meals for kids that your entire family will eat?

This gives you the perfect excuse to give up a take-away pizza and replace it with this two-in-one masterpiece. Made from just a few ingredients, this easy-to-prepare dish is the one you'll love to serve again and again.

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Barbecue Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

a barbecue sandwich and Mac's cheese, grilled and platedBunsInMyOven

Grated barbecue beef with freshly made macaroni and cheese pairs well between two slices of sourdough bread. Just add a slice of cheddar to this cheese whip, and you'll have a sandwich in front of you.

If you're not a fan of beef, try pulled pork instead. Whatever the case may be, tender cooked meat is a great complement to macaroni and cheese, so why not combine it in one meal?

Serve this one with a side of sweet potato fries or tater tots, and savor every bite.

Get the recipe: Buns in my oven

Chile Mac 'n Cheese

Mac chili and cheese in a bowl with sour cream and garnishTasty

Chili is one of those classic hearty dishes that taste great, especially on cool evenings. Here you can try it with some macaroni and cheese incorporated. That it is smart.

If you like chili, cheese macaroni and goulash, you'll have the chance to savor the three combined meals.

This classic chili recipe is very cheesy and uses cavatappi pasta for a touch of fantasy. Sprinkle with extra cheddar and a dollop of sour cream for a perfect meal in the winter.

Get the recipe: Tasty

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