Beyond the Coffee Shop: Our Favorite Places to Work Remotely

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If you join the millions of people who are working remotely, you are suddenly faced with a surprising question: where should you work?

As a remote worker, the world becomes your office. Yet most people stay at home or go to their favorite cafe every day. A home office or a beloved cafe are great places to work – but if you change it sometimes, it can help you channel a new inspiration.

When you go to work in a new city (or even in a new neighborhood), it is helpful to find new creative workspaces.

If you need to change your work routine, try one of these cool places.

A late night bakery

In recent years, many major cities have taken the "midnight bakery" train. This trend began with a biscuit delivery chain called Insomnia Cookies. His target demographic was the students. Since then, many late-night cookie and bakery businesses have opened up to competition.

These companies generally offer quiet night-time recreation areas as an alternative to bars and restaurants. And for the crowd working remotely, they can be ideal places to settle. You probably will not have to compete for a table or face a large and disruptive crowd. And freshly baked products certainly do not hurt.

The library

Libraries offer quiet and friendly environments, and the vast majority of them also feature free Wi – Fi. In addition to many tables and chairs, some even have private rooms where you can set up your temporary office.

A disadvantage is that the internet tends to be slow. If you do not work online often, it will not be a problem.

To create a studious atmosphere, you can work in a university library. You do not have to be a student. Many university libraries are open to the public all the time or at certain times of the day.

You may need to register to get a guest library card, and the rules depend on the college. But these are great places to work: you'll be surrounded by thoughtful students and the buildings themselves are often beautiful.

Coworking spaces

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Coworking spaces are community office spaces specifically designed for remote workers. You pay for monthly, weekly or daily access, depending on how often you need space.

Renting a coworking space in some cities is expensive, but it has advantages. You can create networks with other remote workers, use conference rooms or even participate in free workshops and training courses. The extras depend on the space, but they could be worth the money.


Many museums have cafes or restaurants that offer quiet and elegant places to work. Even if you will not be in the galleries themselves, these spaces often have interesting works of art or thought-provoking installations, which can inspire them.


Some bookstores offer dedicated reading spaces where people can relax and read their new books. If there is also Wi-Fi, it's a great place to work.

Because everyone reads, it's almost always calm. And if you need a break, you can browse a few books.


The hotel lobbies often have a range of open tables and comfortable furnishings. And few people spend the day, so it's quiet enough to focus. It's a great place to work, even if you're not near a big city.

Staff usually assume you stay there. It will give you the password Wi-Fi, Internet is usually fast.

However, if you feel odd about doing so without being a paying guest, you can go to the restaurant or adjoining café and order something before you get to work. Hotel restaurants are often slow during the day and are therefore a great place to work.


If you have a gym membership that you do not use enough, you may be able to turn it into a remote workspace. Fancier gyms often have cafes or meeting places for members.

Plus, you'll probably find it easier to exercise if you're already at the gym for work.

The parks

Some parks now offer free Wi-Fi to the public. You may not be able to connect your computer, but you can enjoy fresh air until you run out of power. This is a great place to work during the summer to avoid the FOMO in good weather.

The longer you work at home, the more you will find places that suit your work style. This list will help you get started. But once you consider the entire world as your potential office, you will create tons of new workplaces.

Of course, it is important to avoid the temptation to work wherever you go. Make sure you stay healthy work-life balance.

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