Bring Back Old-School Lockscreen Widgets With This New Android App

Lockscreen Widgets app screenshots.
Zachary Wander / Lockscreen widgets

Do you remember when Android phones had lock screen widgets for calendar and weather apps? Google discreetly removed the functionality in 2014, despite its maneuverability. But now you can add any widget you want to the lock screen using the simple (and aptly named) Lockscreen Widgets app.

Once installed, Lockscreen Widgets appear as a “paginated frame” on your lockscreen. This frame is easy to resize or move according to your tastes. Swiping on the frame will scroll through the different widgets you’ve added to your lock screen, much like how you swipe across different app pages on your phone’s home screen.

You can customize the Lockscreen Widgets app to hide it when notifications appear on the touch screen or when you enter your phone’s passcode. The app also offers customization options for the opacity of widgets, which is useful for black or white widgets that can blend in with the background of your phone.

Lockscreen Widgets is available for $ 1.49 as an open source early access application. Application developer Zachary Wander writes for XDA Developers and has already published a lot of practical Android tools.

Source: Zachary Wander via Android Police

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