Buying an Amazon Fire Tablet? Buy the Kid’s Edition (Even if It’s Not for a Kid)

If you're on the market for a new Fire tablet, there are plenty of good reasons to consider buying a tablet Kids Edition even though it's for yourself.

While the Fire HD Tablets already offer a lot of benefits, this is emphasized with the Kids Edition Tablets, as they offer everything that makes the editions "regular" so well with a handful other advantages of killer. Let's take a closer look at the details and break things down into dollars.

Before going into detail, however, we must point out that there are two different sizes for the children's tablet: an eight-inch model (Fire HD 8 Kids) and seven-inch model (Fire HD 7 Kids). There is also a Fire HD 10 but it does not come in a Kids Edition variant.

For this piece, however, we will focus on the Fire HD 8. It's the middle of the Fire HD range, and it's the larger of the two Kids Editions. For the most part, though, the same rules and calculations will apply – the HD 7 may be a bit more affordable overall.

Break the cost down: how it really compares

The Fire HD 8 comes with four basic purchase options: 16GB and 32GB, and with or without Special Offers. These are essentially ads that Amazon shows on the lockscreen (and other places) to help offset the costs of the tablet. The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition, however, comes in a single variant: 32GB without special offers.

Now for the numbers. The standard HD 8 with special offers and only 16GB of storage is $ 80. This is a good price for many tablets.

But let's see how it compares when you match the specifications. For the Fire HD 8 with 32GB of storage and no special offers, you are at $ 115. In contrast, the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is $ 120. It's a difference of five dollars.

And for those five extra tickets, you get a lot of extra stuff.

Here's all that comes with the fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Because the HD 8 Kids Edition is designed with, well, kids in mind, a lot of its extra features are focused on kids. But that does not mean that they are all, and that does not mean that it is not great for a child.

First of all, it's worth mentioning that whatever version you buy, it's the same tablet. The chassis is the same, the screen is the same, the overall appearance of the device is exactly the same – the children's edition comes with a sturdy enough foam housing to keep it safe.

And that's the first benefit you get with the Fire HD Kids: bumper . If you had to add that to an existing Fire HD, it would cost you $ 30. 30! Now, we do not suggest that you, a respectable adult, carry a tablet with a children's bumper on it. But it's worth $ 30 which adds only $ 5 of cost compared to the other tablet. If that was the only benefit of buying the Kids Edition, it would be worth it. In addition, if you're just using the tablet at home to watch Netflix in bed and silly stuff, the included foam bumper case is a perfect case to protect your tablet when you tilt it and let go during a Netflix bender.

But the truth is that it's only the beginning.

The Fire HD Kids Edition tablets also come with a year of FreeTime Unlimited which is basically a specially designed catalog of educational books, videos, games, etc. Normally, you would pay $ 83 for core members and $ 120 for non-prime ones. So, it's a huge economy out there – of course, it does not help if you plan to share your tablet with a little one.

There is really one area where the Fire HD Kids is the best deal even if you have no intention of sharing with a child: the guarantee. All Fire HD Kids Edition tablets come with a two-year replacement policy, no questions asked. What it really means, is that if the tablet breaks, Amazon will connect you with a new one – without asking any questions. You break it, they replace it.

If you were to try to add a guarantee like this after the fact, you would be $ 18. This takes the tablet from $ 114 to $ 132 if you just add the warranty. That alone makes the Fire HD Kids Edition a better buy.

So, just for fun, let's add it all together. Let's say you buy the 32GB HD Fire without Special Offers, or $ 115. Then, if you add the bumper case, it's another $ 30. FreeTime Unlimited's One Year Factor for the $ 83 First Member Price and the 2 Year SquareTrade Guarantee for $ 18, and you get a total of $ 246

With the Fire HD Kids Edition, you get all that for $ 120. It's less than half the price! If you are looking for a sharing with a little one, this is definitely the way to go. But honestly, even if you are looking to buy for yourself, the children's edition comes first thanks to this two-year replacement policy.

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