Can You Change the Wallpaper on Android TV?

An Android TV home screen with boring green question mark wallpaper.

One of the easiest ways to personalize a device is to change its background. Since your Android TV’s home screen is probably quite large, you probably want to change its wallpaper, but can you?

The short answer is no. Unfortunately, this is also the long answer. Android TV has undergone several revisions, but the Home screen wallpaper has never been customizable. The background subtly changes colors to match what you are highlighting.

Three Android TV home screens: one with a dark blue background, one with a red background, and one with a gray background.
The background of Android TV changes color depending on what you select.

The reason is that you probably don’t spend a lot of time on the Home screen. It’s simply a launching pad for movies, shows, games and apps. And when you’re not actively doing or watching anything, the screen saver starts. This is where you can customize things.

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The default screen saver is called Backdrop. It simply rotates the archive photos and displays the time and weather in the corner of the screen. However, you can download third-party screen saver apps, as well as. To do this, simply open the Play Store on your Android TV and search for “Screensaver”.

After installing a screensaver, select the gear icon at the top right of the home screen to open the Settings menu.

Select the gear icon.

Go to Device Preferences> Screen Saver. Select “Screen Saver”, then select the application you just installed (it may require configuration).

In the “Screen Saver” settings, you can also adjust the idle time, when the device should go to sleep and other preferences.

Although you cannot change the wallpaper for the Home screen, a screen saver is the best solution. It will be much more pleasing to the eye than rows of apps.

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