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How to Create an Alias for Your iCloud Email Address

Using an iCloud email alias is a great way to hide your real email address. You can use an alias when you sign up for newsletters or websites, keeping your real address outside of their database. We will show you how. Transferring your real email address to someone you may […]


How to List All Applications on a Mac

MacOS applications are installed a little differently from Windows. Because they are almost always simple .app files, you can move them much more easily to your hard drive. Here's how to find those you've lost. From the Applications folder This method is obvious – just open your Applications folder. You […]

How to Subscribe to Calendars on Mac

There is an open standard for calendars called ICalendar specification this allows programs like the Calendar app on macOS to subscribe to online calendars and update them automatically. Most calendar applications will support this format, including Google Calendar. How to add a new subscription to the calendar Open the Calendar […]

How to Launch Applications on Your Mac

FOXARTBOX / Shutterstock For new macOS users transitioning from Windows, the first difference you may notice is how you launch applications. Although different, macOS tools are user-friendly and designed to simplify the process. Of the quay The Dock is by far the easiest way to launch macOS applications. This is […]

How to Sell Your Mac

Primakov / Shutterstock Macs are expensive, but they have a higher value in the second hand than PCs. Here's how to sell your Mac hardware, whether you're switching to a new Mac, or just want some money for old MacBooks lying around. Back up and delete your old data It […]