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How to Set Up a Mac for Your Kids

mrmohock / Shutterstock Giving children access to a computer and the Internet is increasingly important, but the same is true for protecting them. Setting boundaries and fostering a healthy relationship with technology may seem difficult, but macOS has built-in parental controls that can help. Create your child’s user account Your […]

How to Enable Grayscale on Your Mac

Khamosh Pathak Just like the iPhone and iPad, MacBooks come with several accessibility features, including an integrated grayscale mode. If you want to switch to a black and white screen on your Mac, simply follow the instructions below. If your vision is poor or impaired, the grayscale function can be […]

How to Increase the Contrast on Your Mac’s Screen

Khamosh Pathak In recent years, Apple has modernized the macOS interface by increasing transparency, flattening elements, and adding white space. If you find the new interface difficult to use, try increasing the contrast. “Increase contrast” is one of the many accessibility features macOS. It helps visually impaired and visually impaired […]

How to Set Up Your New Mac

dvoevnore / Macs have a fairly simple setup process, and Apple’s macOS will walk you through what you need to do. But this is only part of the configuration process. Here’s a checklist of things you need to do to set up your Mac after you click the basics. […]