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UltraViolet is Shutting Down on July 31st, Here’s How to Transfer Your Movies

UltraViolet / Wayback machine Ultraviolet, one of the largest digital rights bins for your movies (at any given time, anyway), closes on July 31st. However, you do not have to lose your content. you can connect VUDU and move your library to Movies Anywhere. UltraViolet was virtually the de facto […]


How to Use a Mood Board to Reach Your Goals

Pixel-Shot / Shutterstock Creative thinking does not only apply to people in traditionally "creative" industries. Here's how to integrate mood planning into your workflow and get creative momentum. Even the most stifling and traditional industries sometimes require a moment of creative vision. But when you do not usually get creative […]

How to Budget for Travel Costs

Surasaki / Shutterstock Travel is expensive and it's easy to keep the budget. Here's how to set a more accurate budget for your vacation. Whatever your trip, you have four main expenses: transportation, accommodation, food and beverages, and activities. You also have two other expenses that you might forget to […]