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How to Stop People from Stealing Your Packages

Jeramey Lende / Shutterstock Is your house targeted by porch pirates? Maybe it's time to fight. Fortunately, you can protect your parcels in a few simple steps, from the proper delivery instructions to the home delivery options. Use delivery instructions Delivery instructions can go a long way. If your packages […]


Will a Smart Plug Pay For Itself?

Josh Hendrickson Smart plugs are a great way to automate your stupid devices, such as lamps, game consoles and coffeemakers. They also promise savings in energy and money. But will they save enough money to pay for themselves? Maybe eventually. Smart plugs are perfect for simple automation We love smart […]

The Best Cotton Candy Machines

Cotton candy is more than just a sweet snack; it is the vital element of our collective childhood. Whether you're planning a party, be nostalgic or crave a sweet snack, a cotton candy machine is an absolute must. Like most snacks, cotton candy is a mystery. How do you make […]