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Wi-Fi vs. ZigBee and Z-Wave: Which Is Better?

zhu difeng / Shutterstock For most of the modern era of smarthome, ZigBee and Z-Wave were the dominant communication protocols. But now, Wi-Fi is a serious contender, and more smart Wi-Fi gadgets arrive everyday. So which one should you use? The answer is complicated. Wi-Fi invades the world We wrote […]


Are Sugar Rushes Real?

Jose Luis Carrascosa / Shutterstock It is commonly accepted that sugar is the driving force of hyperactivity in children and embodies the recovery of the afternoon. Yet, there is no scientific evidence to support this idea: the "sugar rush" is not a thing. Ask any parent, and they will not […]

How to Succeed in an Online Class

fizkes / Shutterstock Internet has revolutionized the world of education. Today, ebooks can replace textbook stacks and productivity applications now help students stay focused. And some students even take classes without leaving the house, thanks to the online courses. Whether you are taking an online study program or simply taking […]