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How to Make Your Google Home Quieter at Night

Google Night has come; you are calming yourself. "Hey Google, turn off all the lights" murmur, then regret settles when your Google homepage will tell you confirmation, waking everyone up. Here's how to make Google talk silently at night. You may have experienced it more often than you would like […]


How to Add Alexa to Your Smart Mirror

An intelligent mirror with a reflective Amazon echo. Josh Hendrickson If you builds a smart mirroryou already have convenient access to calendars, weather and news. But you can do more than that! The Magic Mirror software allows you to add modules for additional features, such as Alexa for voice control. […]

How to Set Up a Smart Kitchen

Serghei Starus / Shutterstock Your kitchen is full of appliances, but they are stupid. Technology, such as smart speakers, lights, ovens and faucets, can make cooking, cleaning and shopping easier. Creating a smart kitchen is not difficult, and everyone at home can benefit from it. Here's how. Why smart cooking? […]